Keeping the books on the basis of scan

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That every trader must have its accounts in order, is well known. That too many, especially, artisans experienced accounting as a drama. Most small business owners do not understand accounting and spend that therefore whether one is trying to cut costs by itself ?? ?? tinkering. In both cases, the accounting supplies often a frustration; or too expensive, or too little, or just survey, at hindsight, a chaos. But there is hope: scan.

Most common situations

Of course there are carry various forms of administration, but the two most common situations are the following:
Outsourcing to the bookkeeper. Each month, the company delivers his shoebox ?? ?? with vouchers to the accountant. Who then is going to get to work and make the declaration of VAT.
  • Advantage: no uitzoekerij what can and can not and should and must.
  • Disadvantage: every month send the lot and some control over what the bookkeeper has done is not always possible.

Try it: the entrepreneur itself conducts the administration of a self purchase accounting package.
  • Advantage: not to spend money directly to the bookkeeper.
  • Drawback: often the entrepreneur is not aware of all the accounting rules and the administration can end in tragedy. Of course, he also lost some time on the records which he was perhaps better to devote to his business.


The entrepreneur who recognized in the above situations can now take hope again in the modern accounting service: accounting based on scanning documents.

How does it work?

Actually quite simple. The entrepreneur takes all administrative matters through the scanner and ?? finished his administration. The accounting service provider on the other side uses an accounting application that can read documents. A quick check is sufficient by the professional accountant and thus the accounting is fast and handles well. Bank Movements as file directly read and processed on a single automated way. It turns out in practice to work beautifully. Comparative tests show that the scan apps do their job excellently.


  • The entrepreneur does not have to save the administration of a full month or quarter but may set its own frequency. If necessary, he scans each day.
  • The accounting service providers who use this application process the administration almost always within 24 hours. They can also because the software does most of the work.
  • On balance, the accounting service is often cheaper than the traditional method of record keeping.

Easy does it

Because this kind of applications as an Internet solution offered is a feedback through various, easy to read financial reports become a piece of cake. The entrepreneur has direct access to its accounts and is therefore aware of include debtors. But above all, the entrepreneur also has the ability to retrieve the scanned document from the respective accounts. With a few mouse movements transforms the entrepreneur the purchase invoice above water. No more searching in all kinds of binders. Accounting-based scanning. Easy does it.