Lasers in Medicine

Science CobaltWarrior1000 August 7, 2016 1 0
The practical applications of lasers in medicine imported more than anywhere else. The fine but intensive laser beam is ideal for conducting operations on small parts of the body. At the time the technique is applied in the eye surgery, dentistry and the treatment of certain forms of cancer.


The laser surgery is the most developed in the ophthalmology, especially for the treatment of released or damaged retina, the light-sensitive tissue lining against the back of the eye. Retinal damage, often the consequence of a disease or a sudden blow, may result in partial or complete blindness. What used to be a particularly serious case, which could be difficult surgical intervention, has become easy by the existence of the laser relative.


The technique that is applied, consists of the administration of a carefully thought-out amount of laser energy, directly in the eye of the patient. When the beam is precisely directed at the site of the damage, there arises a very intense local heating, so that the fabric together melts. such a treatment has been completed in a fraction of a second. There is also relatively little heat is generated. Thus, the patient is not experiencing severe discomfort and he need not be sedated.
Lasers have been in dentistry for the first time by an American surgeon. He founded a laser cavity in the tooth, in order to destroy rotten spots. The laser beam is absorbed by the dark, affected parts of the tooth, while the white, healthy places reflect back the major part of the energy and remain undamaged. Irradiation of a thousandth of a second is sufficient.
Because the temperature rise is small and locally, the patient suffers none of the nuisance, which does give the dentist's drill. The current research is aimed laser dentistry also play a preventive role. Researchers are of the opinion in the United States, tooth decay often starts in small cracks in the enamel of the teeth, so lasers are used to weld close these cracks. The bacteria that cause tooth decay can not penetrate to the sensitive binnesste part of the tooth.

Cancer treatment

Perhaps the use of the laser -Surgeries in the fight against cancer, one of the most feared diseases of our time, it's interesting. The laser scalpel serves as a kind of light, which is able to destroy cancerous tumors and the surrounding healthy tissues at the same time to sear. The cancer form to be treated according to this method the most, is skin cancer.
The effect of laser energy to the skin for a very different from the other. Dark skin is generally more sensitive than a white man. However, it is also for the heaviest skin a fairly high energy level to be able to address the serious conditions. The surgeon needs to avoid in any case that healthy tissue is damaged, some results of laser treatments are almost miraculous.
In one of the first operations a malignancy of nearly three centimeters in diameter with nine punches a laser was handled. Within 10 days of the tumor was nothing left after six weeks, the affected area was clean and fully cured. Unfortunately, not all types of skin cancer susceptible to laser beams. Of the 20, only seven well-known shapes can be treated with any hope of success.
In the last few years, the laser is also used to treat internal cancer swell. In these cases, the laser used as a scalpel. This one can go much more thorough job in removing diseased tissue. As a result, the formation of new tumors can be prevented more easily.