Leading up to the 2014 Winter Olympics

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The 2014 Winter Olympics are held in Russia's Sochi. The ski and sled sports will take place outside the city, namely in the more easterly location Krasnaya Polyana. The Games will take place from January 7 to February 23 2014.


The allocation of the 2014 Winter Games was in 2007. Of the seven candidates depend ultimately yielded three in a bid book. These were Sochi, Pyeongchang and Salzburg. Salzburg fell in the first round, after which Sochi in the second round had four votes more than the Korean city.


After the allocation arose immediately fuss. The rules in Russia provide continuous noise. True is a freedom of expression and the press, but it is well known that this is not always as closely adhered to by the government. Therefore organizations such as Amnesty International were soon on this assignment.

Laws and Compliance

In 2013 a new law was enacted in Russia, which resulted in much criticism from abroad. Certainly in view of the Winter Games was questioned at the fair, and treating any foreign supporters and athletes who are homosexual. It is forbidden to talk about homosexuality where young people are, even for foreigners.
For the Winter Olympics had done much investment. The total investment is estimated to be as ?? s 50 billion. This will be the most expensive Olympics ever. This despite the low pay of most migrant workers from Asia. Some earn barely a dollar a day. Also there is a lot of waste illegally dumped in the surrounding villages and the low compensation for residents who had to yield.

Expensive Games

The Winter Olympics have fallen expensive because there was a shortage in this region in Russia to infrastructure, hotels and other accommodations. Between all the stadiums and accommodation is a direct train link to the international airport Adler-Sochi. The capacity of the airport has been increased in view of the Winter Games.


There are six stadiums built for the Games. Besides these stadiums are still slopes landscaped and other complexes.
The six stadiums are:
  • Bolshoy Ice Dome: The capacity of this amounts to 12 000 and it will be used for ice hockey.
  • Shayba arena: Also for ice hockey with a capacity of 7,000.
  • Adler Arena: Intended for long-distance skating. You can take a seat 8000 spectators.
  • Iceberg Skating Palace: Intended for short track and figure skating. The capacity is 12,000 places.
  • Ice Cube curling center: Intended for Curling with a capacity of 3,000.
  • Olympic Stadium fisit: The opening and closing ceremonies will take place here. The 40,000 seats.

Outside Complexes

In addition to these six stadiums there is a cross country ski complex. You will find the cross-country, biathlon and Nordic combined competitions instead. Roza khutor complex is suitable for Alpine skiing. There is also the Alpike servis complex for freestyle skiing and snowboarding. Finally, there are the National Ski Jumping Centre and the National Sanki Sliding Center. These are intended for ski jumping and bobsleigh competitions.

Olympic Villages

There will be two Olympic villages in Russia. This is because Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana 50 kilometers from each other. These two so-called clusters therefore have each their own village. For example, the athletes can view prepare optimally. Through a newly constructed railway is to overcome these 50 kilometers within half an hour.