Learn how to prepare a home treatment for hives

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What is urticaria?

It is a demonstration that arises in the skin, in the form of elevations and reddish itching. Allergies can be triggered by factors such as exposure to drugs, perfumes, foods, inhalation of certain products such as insecticides, perfumes, dust, etc. When there is contact with these triggers, skin releases a substance called histamine, which is responsible for the allergic reaction.

Urticaria may have chronic manifestation, which is lighter, with minor injuries and usually do not spread over large areas of the skin but, as in cases of acute manifestation, can disappear and return, lasting for up to months these manifestations.

Already in acute cases, the lesions are larger and may also be grouped and reach large areas of skin or to the whole body, also tend to be high, causing swollen and itchy.

Sometimes the rash can appear on the face, reaching her eyes and, in severe cases, the larynx, which swells a lot, which makes breathing difficult and can cause choking, this case is called Quincke edema and requires immediate action, taking into account the risk of death. Normally, in cases like can be prescribed antihistamines, drugs that are responsive to the blockade of effects of histamine.

There are some types of urticaria which arise in certain situations, such as urticaria pressure, which is an allergic reaction to the squeeze or pressure, caused by the elastic clothes, or even, in some cases, the strap of a brassiere. There hives caused by cold, when the person is exposed to intense cold, swimming baths or other dermographism, caused because the person scratches the skin to form linear lesions.

How can you treat?

Immediately, except for cases where the larynx starts to swell, one can treat the symptoms of hives through income and home treatments that have great effect to relieve itching and deflate injuries. Here are some simple recipes to treat allergic reaões:

  • OATS: 200 grams of oatmeal should be used, dumped in a bathtub with warm water with 10 drops of essential oil of lavender, remaining immersed in this bath for twenty minutes. This recipe eases the itching and gives sense of tranquility.
  • POULTICE CLAY: make a poultice using: 2 tablespoons of cosmetic clay, 30 mg of aloe vera gel and 2 drops of essential oil of mint. Mix all ingredients well and then apply on the skin, leave for twenty minutes and then rinse. Dry without rubbing.
  • SCRUB WITH EPSON SALTS: mix well in a bowl: 50 ml of almond oil and 1 tablespoon of Epsom salts. Apply on the affected areas in soft, circular motion and rinse after with not very cold water.

In addition to these revenues, it is still advisable:

  • not scratch the lesions;
  • making cold compresses with water or soothing teas, such as chamomile;
  • cold milk compresses help relieve itching;
  • cambará sheets deccoção serve to wash the body or make compresses on the affected areas;
  • take more showers a day, always with warm water and use neutral or glycerin soaps and, when dry, do not rub the towel on the body;
  • Try to relax, practice activities that will bring pleasure, since stress can also be a trigger for the hives arises!