Learn how to treat eczema with natural remedies!

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Also called dermatitis, eczema is a number of disorders that occur in skin and may be allergic medium, atopic, varicose veins, seborrhea, etc.

The most common manifestation of the disease is atopic form, was diagnosed in 90% of cases, CHILD
children under five years. It is also common in infants.

In the skin, dermatitis or eczema presents as redness, tiny bubbles tend to achieve, especially facial area and itching.

This problem is not contagious.

Some factors may be responsible for eczema outbreak, such as:

1. heredity;

2. Prolonged exposure to some products or situations such as:

  • smoke;
  • Chemicals;
  • detergents;
  • weather conditions such as excessive heat.

3. Poor blood circulation can also be one of the causes;

4. Lack of vitamin B6, can also cause eczema.

How can you treat eczema with home treatments?

Some home treatments are possible in cases of eczema and are quite simple. Here are some recipes:

  • SOLUTION CAMPHOR: mix one tablespoon of camphor and a tablespoon of sandalwood paste, apply on the affected area. It is especially suited for cases of itching.
  • FOR RASH: put the nutmeg powder in the affected areas, or vitamin E. extract
  • ZINC FROM CAPSULES: drinking these capsules causes inflammation is reduced, due to shark cartilage and blueberry lotion.
  • SOAP pine tar accelerates the healing process once the best clean the affected skin.
  • TOMATO JUICE is drinking a glass every day ensures the cure eczema in a few days.
  • Avoid the consumption of dairy products, nuts, eggs, citrus fruits and preservatives at the stage where you are with dermatitis, as any of these products can make symptoms worse.
  • COTTON CLOTHING are the most suitable to be used at the stage where you are with eczema because other tissues may be made of any materials irritating to the skin;
  • Hydration is essential for those suffering from dermatitis since the skin is extremely dry with this problem.
  • ALOE VERA is effective natural remedy should be applied on site with eczema pulp plant.
  • Stress and anxiety are causative of the trouble in many people, causing the hands or feet, e.g. descamem, etc. Control stress with medicinal teas such as: melissa, chamomile, hypericum perforatum, lemongrass, etc.