Lebanon; Baalbek, a wonder of the world?

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One of the world's most mysterious places located in Lebanon. Baalbek has ruins from the time of Roman domination. The Romans have temples built on foundations of which is unknown whom she has placed there, for what purpose and why. Meanwhile, this ruin complex on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.


Baalbek is called or Balabakk, it is a city in Lebanon located in the Bekaa Valley. This valley is situated between the rivers Orontes and Litani. The name Baalbek means ?? Baal Beka ??. Baal was a god.
In this city, which is mostly known for its ruins, home to approximately 55,000 people. The world-famous Roman temples were built in honor of Jupiter, Heliopolitanus, Venus and Bacchus. Before the Romans started to build here, the Phoenicians had been to them all, as well as the Greeks.

Baalbek history

  • At the time of the Greek domination of 333 ?? 64 BC. was the god Baal by the Greeks vereenzelfigd with the sun. She called the city when Heliopolis or City of the Sun. On the west side of the city built the Greeks build a stage with the idea of ​​a temple, which was never realized. It was years later the Romans put down the temple of Jupiter on this foundation.
  • The Temple of Jupiter was built around 25 BC .. At the time of the reign of Nero, 37-68, the temple was completed.
  • The large complex of the temple, with porticos, altars and basins was only built in the 2nd century. Also in this period, a start was made on the construction of the Temple of Bacchus
  • In the 3rd century, Emperor Severius, who reigned from 193 ?? 235, building the so-called Propylaea. This is a hexagonal building of the temple. It is suspected that this emperor also ordered the construction of the building that was called the Temple of Venus.
  • It was Emperor Constantine who in 313 Christianity as the official religion recognized. This meant that the Baalbeck temples were closed.
  • Emperor Theodosius left in the 4th century remove the altars of the great temple of Jupiter. With the stone and architectural elements of the temple he built the Basilica. Of this church are the ruins of the apses can still be seen near the steps of the ancient temple.
  • In 1898 the German Emperor Wilhelm II visited the city. He is the most famous visitor ever. Wilhelm was traveling to the Orient. He was deeply moved by the ruins of the city, on his return to Germany he sent a team of archaeologists to Baalbek. This made here five years of research.

The temples

These constructions of Baalbek is the largest and best preserved example of Roman architecture. Still there are six columns of each 20 meters high on the site of the former temple of Jupiter. Once the size of the temple must have been the largest temple of the Roman Empire was about 49 x 88 meters.
This temple is considered one of the most important Roman ruins in the world. The ruins, both of Jupiter, Bacchus and Venus are of enormous beauty. The 2000 year old temple of Bacchus is large and still very well intact. However, the temple of Jupiter was greater than that of Bacchus. This can not be seen from the ruins, because there is not much left of it.

The Megalith

Baalbek is seen until now as one of the most mysterious places on earth. In Baalbek, in the heart of Lebanon, was hundreds of years ago, the largest and heaviest in the world edited by stone masons.
Among the temples built by the Romans, are stone blocks having dimensions of approximately 10 x 5 x 3-4 meters. Every block of stone weighs more than 450 tons. It is on the north side counted nine stones 9 stones on the south side and 6 stones on the west side. In addition, another lie three rocks of more than 1000 tons of weight.
Nearby is a quarry to find where one is even bigger stone, which is one of 1,200 tons. This stone is considered the largest carved stone in the world, though he is not finished, it lies unused in the quarry. This stone has two names ?? Hajar el Gouble ?? Or ?? Hajar el Bibla ?? .

The mystery of Baalbek

Another name for the mystery of Baalbek is also known ?? The mystery of the megaliths of Baalbek ?? mentioned.
The great mystery of this stone is mainly the question of how these blocks have here can get, and how his place among the temples. Nowadays there are really no machines that can lift a stone block of this weight. Let alone transport and in position. It is for scientists still unthinkable that these people have done with their own forces.
Also, why is still not answered. They still do not know why these large stones were modified or created. This large stone megaliths are called others. It is known that the Romans have never given these stones have been placed there. It is believed that the stones hundreds, maybe thousands of years have been placed for the construction of the Roman temples.
The oldest part of the ruins has been unable to find out by which civilization they were built. It is a very mysterious purpose.

Baalbek now

Today Baalbek is known not only for its ruins, but also its festivals. The international festival was founded in 1956. Every year this festival takes place in July and August, and welcome both national and international artists. Many types of music are then located and played, such as, inter alia:
  • Jazz
  • Theater, drama and orchestras
  • Hip hop
  • Rock
  • Folk
  • Classical

Baalbek is during these months using the ruins as a backdrop for the various performing artists. Artists who have played here ever include:
  • Elton John
  • Pavarotti
  • Sting
  • Rostropovich

In 1982 the Hezbollah came to the Beka valley and settled here, where it is still present. Hezbollah maintains many buildings in the partially bombed city. A sign of their presence are the large yellow flags, huge portraits of Hassan Nasrallah and former Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini.


Since 1984, the ruins of Baalbek in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.