LED TV, buy it now or wait

Electronic KROKOZ9IBR August 8, 2016 16 2
Flat TVs are almost impossible to imagine the living rooms. But there is a new generation of flat TVs on the market. Namely LED TV. LED TV is seen as the television of the future. They are now already on sale. But it is already wise to buy all one now, or is it better to wait a while?

Two types of LED TVs

Currently there are two different types of LED TVs on the market. The first type of LED television is just on the side LEDs. This type is called Edge-Lit LED LCD. The advantage of this television is that television is super thin. The downside is that the LED bulbs can not be dimmed locally. The contrast is more like that of a plasma television.
The second type of LED televisions have the latest technology. That's called Matrix LED Backlight LCD also called Direct LED. There are hundreds of small LEDs behind the LCD screen. The advantage of this television is that the contrast is really very good. The LED lights can be dimmed locally or turned off entirely. The disadvantage is that the use of so many LEDs require more power and therefore developed more heat. Also by the use of as much as LED lights makes the television considerably more expensive.

What is a LED TV

An LED TV is actually nothing more than a variant of the current LCD TVs. An LCD panel is an image when a light shines through. There is therefore always a backlight in an LCD television. This is also called backlight in English. In the LCD TV backlight is built with CCFL lamps. These lamps are similar to fluorescent lighting. The cold cathode fluorescent lamp has a number of features which make it very useful for this application. These lamps produce little heat and can be made relatively thin.
There are a number of reasons why CCFL bulbs are replaced by LEDs. LED lights improve the image quality and are thinner than CCFL lamps. In proportion they do use less energy and develop less heat than CCFL lamps.

Why LED TVs are the future

Everyone wants a flat as possible television. And with LED lights, this is to achieve even better with CCFL lamps. LED television gives a very uniform light and are much less affected by an abnormal contrast at the edges. The white lighting is also much to be precise in.
Currently manufacturers like Sony very active LED TVs. The development is still in progress. This therefore means that the current LED televisions will still not optimal. Especially a high contrast as a possible dark black gives quite often problems with backlight. But some manufacturers have devised a trick for. The bright areas of an image shine very brightly in the dark areas while dims the backlight. This gives a very dynamic contrast, since deep black images are simply not enlightened.

Whether or not to buy LED TV!

Well, the LED television is the future, is clear. The already released LED televisions are not bad, but as already written above here the development is still in progress. She also LED TVs are relatively expensive compared with CCFL TVs. And am also still experimenting with the CCFL TVs. The next two to three years, the LED TVs will substantially be in the spotlight. But to buy an LED TV, I personally would wait a bit with it until the LED TVs are more developed and the price has gone down a bit. Because for an LED television with a typical size of about 80 -90 centimeters, you pay currently soon as a ?? 1500 - for. You're welcome!