Less sugar eat for better health

Health cabosan August 19, 2016 0 0
Lately more and more evident from research that sugar is not so good for the human body. And it is in almost all processed foods available in the supermarket. Many products like fat-free and thus be considered healthy, are full of sugar are still some flavor to give. But this makes the products or wax, but actually not so healthy anymore. Sugar is designated as one of the causes of increasing problems as obesity and diabetes.

What is the impact of sugar on your body?

Sugar is addictive in the brains and is therefore added to many food products. Also many things that you maybe would not expect, such as pasta sauce and bread. This means that you eat unnoticed more sugar than you think.
There are no nutrients your body needs in sugar, such as fiber, minerals and vitamins. Sugar provides high spikes in your blood sugar. It is healthier to avoid and keep your blood sugar stable this type peaks. In response to spikes in your blood sugar your body makes insulin to bring your blood sugar back down. High blood sugar causes temporary lots of energy, but when your blood sugar drops again you feeling energize and quenched a dip. If your blood sugar is low, your body requires more sugar to regain more energy. Then you'd get a peak, and then another dip, and this leads to excessive consumption of sugar. This can lead to obesity.
If you eat less sugar and healthier food more than keeping your blood sugar levels stable and you will have more energy throughout the day. If you eat a little while less or no sugar, you'll quickly notice the results. You feel better, and will change your taste. You will need less sugar to enjoy food.
Excessive sugar food can also lead to the metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance. This is a precursor to diabetes, also known as diabetes in the vernacular. Type II diabetes is often caused by obesity and unhealthy eating.

Read ingredients labels

On labels with ingredients is sugar listed under many different names. There's often not just sugar on a label, so it is useful to learn to read labels. When the list of ingredients is the ingredient which has a product called as the first largest share. Subsequently, the ingredient which is then forms the major part of the product, and the back of the list is the ingredient with the smallest share in the product. As a form of sugar so somewhere in front of the list, this means that a large part of the product consists of sugar.
A trick to make it seem like there is not much sugar is in a food, is to name the different types of sugar all separate. Thus, the entire share of sugar is broken down into smaller components of the product and lists the various sugars farther end of the list and it seems like there is less sugar in a product than is actually in it.
Various names for sugar include fructose, sucrose, saccharose, glucose, dextrose. Another way to make sweeter foods is the use of HFCS. And then there are unnatural sweeteners such as aspartame and acesulfame-K. This topic is much controversy and many conflicting studies. Many studies have shown that aspartame is harmful to health, but from many other studies showing that aspartame has no negative impact on health. Until it is clear beyond doubt or aspartame and other chemical sweeteners are harmful or not, you have to decide for yourself whether you want these substances or should not eat.

How can you eat less sugar?

Try to eat fresh produce and cook things yourself. Try to eat as little as possible ready-made food. This is because often high in sugar. If you do buy processed foods, read the labels well anyway, so you know what you eat. Readymade sauces often contain a lot of sugar, so try sauces for pasta, vegetables, and fish themselves to fresh produce. Many cookbooks have great recipes for sauces, or search for recipes on Google.
Avoid fruit juice. Apple or orange juice may seem healthy because it is natural, but there's lots of sugar. In fruit contains a lot of sugar in the form of fructose, but if you eat the whole piece of fruit you get a lot of fibers within the same time. In fruit juice only are all the sugars from the fruit, but not the fibers.