Let correct protruding ears or bat ears

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Protruding ears, popularly also called "floppy ears", is a common cause of complexes. Many children are bullied them, but adults may be hampered by floppy ears. Otoplasty, or surgery of the ears, may solve the problem.

 Protruding ears

Children with protruding ears or protruding ears are often mocked or ridiculed. Scheldwooren as Flappie, Dumbo Elephant or be thrown at them often and can cause serious complexes in the child. Even adults with slightly protruding ears can here feel bad. Otoplasty, a surgical procedure in which the ears are placed closer to the head, can put an end to those negative thoughts.


Protruding ears are usually the result of a deformity of the cartilage skeleton of the ear. There are various types of abnormalities: the "body" of the auricle can be developed strong so that the entire ear far stands out of the head, but it may also be that the crease which is central in the outer ear is underdeveloped and then it is only the outer ear standing off. In rare cases the edge of the ear is too short. This deviation is more difficult to correct.
Most cosmetic procedures are only performed in adults, after the body is fully grown. The treatment of protruding ears is one of the few operations that can be carried out even in children. Usually, the surgery can take place from the age of 6 years. So the problem can be corrected at the beginning of the primary school so that the child not be ridiculed or bullied will be.
The surgery is fairly simple. At the back of the pinna is made an incision, and then the doctor takes the cartilage in a normal form. The incision is sutured and a special dressing is applied there in order to keep the swelling as minimal as possible and to keep the handles in the correct position. Usually, the surgery can be done under local anesthesia. However, in very small children, they prefer general anesthesia.
After an ear correction, the patient usually recovers fairly quickly. Still, it is appropriate to two weeks after the pressure bandage was removed, wear a hair band during the night. It is recommended not to do sport for three weeks. The ears may remain swollen and tender for a while, but it fades away quickly. The final result is fully achieved after 3 month.