Let yourself be seduced and denying yourself

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Impress the opposite sex to find a suitable partner. Does it sound familiar to you? ?? The sexual-selection theory ?? Darwin, which he developed by studying the animal kingdom, is at the root of this phenomenon. The question then is whether the states inherited or is talking?

Capitalism puts the lines

Produce to sell as much as possible is the essence of the capitalist system, but before you need comes to production, you have a product that achieves high sales figures. So you have to figure out what the consumer needs or do you create an artificial need for encouraging people to buy. The expected behavior is described by the term consumerism. It means something like buy impulsively buy without having thoroughly thought about it. Companies that manage to find a product that somebody gives the impression that his rising social status and simultaneously attractive score guaranteed for the opposite sex. Flaunting an iPhone for example, or walking around with a handbag Delvaux. It is the eternal quest for the gap in the market. This explains the immense importance of proper marketing, the scanning of the needs of the human being.

Responding to the weaknesses of man

The American evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller punctured this strategy. He's talking about an illusion, a mirage. We leave us with eyes open pack, he says. A man holding his big BMW compares suffers with a peacock tail on a fundamental misconception. A woman does not stay with a man because of his nice car and they do it anyway, he must ask himself questions.
In fact, consumerism plays in the human insecurity, the eternal question of the individual who asks himself questions like: How can I boost my own ego? How can I improve my social status and make myself more attractive? In other words, you take away from yourself, you're doing yourself as a person you are not a person who you think he will be appreciated by others. It is a huge cry for attention, where you actually ignores what really prevails in relationships: kindness, charm, humor, empathy, creativity, optimism.

make a choice

Suffocates the attraction of superficial luxury the seeds of real, sustainable luxury: the winsome charm, healthy zest for life, positive energy, the playful intelligence. The choice you make determines who you are. And who do you eventually: a man in one piece or a refined cast of yourself? It is the choice between real and fake. And as everyone knows is fake sooner or later unmasked.