Lice in my hair! How to get there as quickly as possible from it?

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Lice in my hair! Bah! How to get there as quickly as possible from it? That's really not that difficult. For the quickest and easiest solution to this problem simply go to the Luiz Clinic.

What is the lice clinic?

Luiz The Clinic is well started two years ago as a franchise in the Netherlands and has grown to seven locations.

Why is there a lice clinic?

There is much need for an effective and especially fast-acting method to combat lice. Many people walk around with chronic or prolonged infections lice because lice agents are not very effective against nits and also the wet comb method often after 14 days combing does not produce the desired result. The unique treatment of lice clinic with the medical device AirAllé, which alone kills all lice and nits in one 30-minute treatment, can help.

How does the treatment of lice?

The AirAllé, a class 1 medical device, produced by the American company Larada Sciences Inc. The method used is unique; lice and nits are with the aid of hot air is eliminated by means of a unique dehydration process.

Does it work?

It is the only method that kills 99.2% of the nits, which in practice amounts to total elimination and break the cycle. Lice and nits are not resistant because it is a physical treatment. The clinical studies AirAllé, approved by the FDA and the RIVM, show that this dehydratatiemethode the most secure, fast and far the most effective method of treatment of head lice is.

 The device is already in 22 countries and widely deployed with great success, it enjoys FDA clearance and has been officially examined and included in the LCI directive lice from the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment.

Lice at school?

Luiz The clinic offers besides personal treatment also a service for schools, an integrated treatment at school where all children with head lice, head lice control immediately after each treatment with the AirAllé.

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