Lifeless by failing thyroid. Half a million Dutch people have thyroid problems

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 A failing thyroid affects half a million Dutch. It is usually a lazy or overactive thyroid or in some cases a tumor. In all cases the patient is tired and lethargic.

 An enlarged thyroid gland increased in recent years increased again. With an overactive thyroid patients feel rushed, the patient has heart palpitations, fades, sweat excessively and is easily irritated. In a slow operation to correct the heartbeat slows, the skin dries out, the weight increases somewhat. The patient is often chilly.

 Determining failing thyroid

 It is like a wood fire, put the doctors Bruce Wolffenbuttel and Thera left of the UMCG out. "If the thyroid is underactive, it seems you want to heat a house with a candle. Impossible. A too rapid operation looks more like a bushfire. Also not good." The complaints are not always so clear, doctors know. Therefore, the diagnosis of thyroid failure 'is sometimes made late, while it is simple to determine by simple blood test.

 Too fast or too slow

 Too quick and too slow thyroid related to our immune system. Antibodies disrupt normal operation. In an overactive thyroid gland is the cause in many cases, Graves' disease. But goiter or too hardworking nodule in the thyroid gland may be the culprit of a fast operation. A too lazy thyroid gland may also be the result of an immune disorder, but also sometimes occurs after an operation.


 The thyroid makes two hormones which are important for controlling the metabolic rate. The control is from the brain, the pituitary gland. With disruption may therefore play psychological problems. Thyroid disorders are five to ten times more common in women than in men. There is no single answer to the question of why that is so.

 Thyroid cancer

 Thyroid cancer is two times more common in women than in men. Genetics and iodine deficiency to play an important role in thyroid diseases.


 In the fifties it was decided to add iodine to salt baker. Thus the number of thyroid diseases has been considerably reduced in recent decades. Now Wolffenbuttel and left marks but lately the number of thyroid patients again increase slightly by iodine deficiency. "People eat less bread and bread is just an important source of iodine. That includes, for example, fish."

 Graves' disease

 The treatment of a too fast by the thyroid disease, Graves' exists in the first year from medication, the likelihood of healing is thus 70 percent. If medicines do not work, the patient typically is given a radioactive iodine sip.


 Therefore, surgery is rarely necessary. The precise amount of radioactive iodine is not always easy to determine. Often the longer term creates an underactive thyroid gland, causing the patient must then swallow tablets containing thyroid hormone. Surgery is especially needed at a very large goiters or suspicious for malignancy.


 In all newborns will be taken between the 5th and 7th day, a small amount of blood in order to establish the thyroid hormone. Each year in the Netherlands through the heel prick about seventy children with a deficiency detected thyroid. In these infants updates the metabolism insufficient. If the shortage takes a long time, the brains of the newborn can not develop properly. This can lead to mental and motor retardation. Administering medication prevents this developmental disorder.


 When goiter is enlarged thyroid gland, shown by a swelling in the neck. If the goiter is due to an overactive thyroid gland, you can suffer from bulging eyes, weight loss, hot and dry skin, insomnia and agitation. Goiter can also occur in an underactive thyroid. Fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, flaky skin and a lower and lower voice are manifestations of this. Also coming goiter for a painful viral infection of the thyroid or benign and malignant thyroid tumors. Usually, in goitre the function of the normal thyroid.