Ligament pain during pregnancy: how to relieve?

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Ligament pain during pregnancy: how to relieve?

Drawing in the lower abdomen, pelvic heaviness ... ligament pain are among the small inconveniences of pregnancy. Nothing serious, it is a sign that your baby develops.

The ligament pain, annoying daily for pregnant women, fall into two main phenomena.

From the first trimester of pregnancy, it is possible to feel pangs of pain in the lower abdomen and legs. In question ? Stretching uterine ligaments related to the increase of volume of the uterus.

The influence of hormones, especially during late pregnancy

The ligament pain may also be due to osteo-musculo-articular syndrome pregnancy. Relaxin, one of the most secreted hormones during pregnancy promotes loosening of connective tissues, ligaments and tendons, to allow the diaphragm to expand and fetus to develop.

Relaxin also facilitates vaginal delivery. This rate peaked in the third quarter, resulting in a change and instability of the static pelvis. Which can lead, from the sixth month of pregnancy, painful manifestations of the pubis and sometimes ribs.

Tautness usually not serious

The pain is particularly manifest in the late afternoon. Pregnant Women then experience a difficulty and pain when walking or changing position. It has a very low infant printing, a painful pubic pressure. These pains disappear in the vast majority of cases after delivery.

Despite the pain caused by these conflicts ligament, do not panic! There is usually nothing serious.

In early pregnancy, the ligament pain can be confused with contractions of miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. However, it is advisable to consult. A medical examination, an ultrasound and blood tests will make the difference.

How to deal with the pain?

  • Analgesics are used with caution during pregnancy and only on medical prescription.
  • The rest may be a temporary solution in cases of severe pain if your pain occur when you make efforts or you stay too long standing. In this case, lie down the time it calms down.

How to prevent ligament pain?

  • At night, sleeping on the side. Sit curled up with a pillow between your legs.
  • Assisi, avoid soft and deep armchairs. To meet you when you are sitting, put yourself on the edge of the chair and push your legs.
  • For walking, wear comfortable and soft shoes with a wide, stable heel. Leave aside your more than 3 cm heels, they unbalance you and accentuate the arch of the back.

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