Liposuction Aesthetic? Here's How It Works

Health drewsen August 8, 2016 0 0

It's called liposuction and is one of the surgical techniques practiced and spread.
Many people, especially celebrities, are using this surgical method for removing fat mass excess.
Liposuction can redistribute body fat in a balanced manner over the whole body, especially on the face and buttocks.

Word of Dr. Jeremy White, plastic surgeon employed by a hospital in Miami, which is implementing a new highly technical edge that provides patients with greater security and greater aesthetics. Dr. Jeremy White, is regarded as one of the best plastic surgeons in Miami and an expert in the field.

How does liposuction aesthetic?

Generally liposuction performed by White works by injecting a liquid particularly in areas with excess fat. The fluid helps just to break up the cells of fat.
At this point, the surgeon inserts a small hollow tube, or a cannula in the body aspirating the excess fat. The technological advancement has made it possible to use even more complex systems, such as ultrasound assisted liposuction characterized by the use of a cannula that emits ultrasonic vibrations and liquefies the fat as soon as the cannula sucks him.
This process reduces bleeding and increases the ability of the patient's recovery. There is also assisted liposuction with the laser that reduces bleeding and bruises which can occur following surgery.

How long it takes for recovery after liposuction?

Usually, the recovery ranges from a period of a few weeks to a few months. Initially, some patients experience some bruising, swelling and sometimes nausea or fatigue but usually within a few days you can resume activities with caution. Among the side effects, there are scars, temporary pain, numbness, swelling. Patients are generally subjected to a bandage subsequently to surgery.

"Liposuction aesthetic," reports Dr. White, "is extremely effective but it is noted that it is not a weight loss but only ensures equitable redistribution of fat on the body."