Little income, but still save!

Miscellaneous oldmanhands August 8, 2016 0 0
People who have low incomes, sometimes will have to have money behind the hand. For the difficult periods, such as when something breaks, then eventually get money for.


The tricky if you have a minimum low salary or allowance, where in addition you have to pay the bills too, which just continue to accumulate and perhaps even children to feed. And if you do not pay a bill, following the collection letter is. At one time, people become stressed because they do not know how to participate. The important thing to do first is to prioritize yourself. What is going on? And what can wait? Such as grocery shopping or to the hairdresser? Taking or going? Enter your income and expenses reconsider. Save money back means explaining to later if you really need it. If necessary, you can purchase a second account and savings account, you can manage with internet banking. At the bank, you can apply for internet bonus package on that account where you want to save it. Once every three months interest on what you get there get paid out at the end of the year. But if you get everything in one go off, and just before the third month of boils turn, helps nothing. A family without saving all comes around with difficulty to take action. Especially the expenses to be reduced.

Cash book

Whatever may be useful is a cash book, in which all your income and expenses will subscribe to. This can be in a Word program on the computer, a notebook, a notebook, it just depends on what you find easiest. If you've done that, you can easily see what you keep in the month, which you can save. This creates a list for each month.


Just think what you are all lost in the month for groceries. Before it is best if you create a shopping list, so you will no longer be at home with stuff that you did not need out finally to the store. It would also be a good idea to purchase home marks from supermarkets in place of the brand products. Also, keep the offers in the brochures closely, which can sometimes care about money.


Every family has a buffer needed in the difficult periods. The larger the family, the greater the buffer needs to be. A buffer is particularly useful for when something goes unexpectedly fail. The repair costs will be payable if the device must be replaced. An amount of 600 euro should be minimal anyway present.

The final tips

A few more tips to help you save some money and / or to save.
  • Do not leave the lights on if it is not needed.
  • Close the doors so that the heat stays inside.
  • Used stuff you no longer use, you can sell on the Internet.
  • If you have a PC, buy an extension cord with a red button, if you shut down your PC. Then press the red button.
  • More often by bike somewhere instead of car or scooter.
  • Do not go on an empty stomach to the grocery store, therefore you will also buy things you do not need.