Lose weight with green tea, how?

Health FelixThePyro August 8, 2016 0 0
Tea generally is a good substitute of fattening food like soft drinks and juices. Green tea is a slightly bitter tea kind that some people may not experience good, but some people just as delicious again. Nice or not, that green tea qualities have already been scientifically proven. Or you can lose weight specifically with green tea? This question is given in this article answer.

Good qualities

Drinking green tea help your body to expel toxins from the body. At the same time you burn more energy. What then makes sure that you lose weight? Green tea is a tool for speeding up your metabolism. Your body converts therefore the carbohydrates, sugars, proteins and fats that you've ingested into other substances. These are substances that are useful for your body and are substances that can be easily removed when no longer needed. If you have, you will lose weight faster faster metabolism.

The science

In Japan, in recent years have been done various tests on rats and mice that came into contact in various ways with green tea. Note: So these are no human trials. Notable results included that green tea helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Other topics included the following results. Catechins in green tea helps to:
  • Reducing the clumping of platelets in the body
  • To encourage the use of fatty acids as an energy source
  • It improves sugar metabolism

In what quantity?

Losing weight with green tea works best when you drink it regularly. A few times to drink, you do not expect too much. It is important when you include it in your daily drinking pattern and it takes over a longer period. Three to five cups of green tea per day is sufficient. More of you will not lose weight faster and too much tea drinking is not a good solution.

Which green tea is good?

Both the special slimming tea like green tea from the supermarket are both good. Green tea from the supermarket is often just cheaper, but also bitter and less flavorful. Special green slimming tea are often better because it uses a better quality of tea leaves.
Green tea can also make fine itself at home. Know how?
The important thing is not to lose the good qualities of the tea. The preparation of below will help you to convert green tea can help you lose weight. The preparation is done as follows:
  • Put some water in a kettle or kettle and make sure that it will boil
  • It is best to water something to cool down. By putting tea in hot water lost important substances. The water can be so ?? s 5 to 10 minutes to cool down for a good result.
  • Now put the tea bag in it and let the tea five minutes.

Yet equally important

If you want to lose weight with green tea is also important to be aware of risk ?? s. They are not big risk ?? s, but ?? s risks that may affect your daily pattern. If insomnia is an effect of drinking green tea. Since it contains caffeine. One tip is to drink this tea also not too late in the evening. In addition, too much green tea also create heartburn. A little careful!