Losing Weight: A donut is healthier than a pancake!

Health CobaltWarrior1000 August 8, 2016 4 1
With old and new coming up we suddenly ask ourselves how healthy or unhealthy donuts anyway? A donut is a good snack, so it can not be healthy. Yet donuts contain fewer calories than a pancake, a pancake while still seen in many diets as a healthy snack. According to Dr. Frank start a diet and a donut therefore well together. A donut is a better choice than a pancake, but as is true with all snacks: Eat them in moderation! This year, you have to really believe. You have been a while back on the scale and you have based on your weight and your height obtained calculates your BMI. You should lose weight. Also during old and new, you will not escape it. This means no donut for you this year, or do they?

Oliebollen healthy or unhealthy?

Donuts are considered by many as very unhealthy delicacy. Oliebollen include sugars and are loaded with calories. Additionally, they are deep-fried in frying fat, so indeed donuts should not be regarded as healthy treat. However, if we compare a donut with other snacks, then a donut turns suddenly so bad not yet.
Egg Cake
When we compare a donut with a pancake we come suddenly to a great discovery. Precisely the egg cake was for years seen as a healthy snack and touted by many nutritionists, such as Sonja Bakker. When a pancake and a donut compare However, it appears to go to the donut so unhealthy not yet.
Namely a donut contains 256 kcal per 100 grams and a pancake 287 kcal per 100 grams. Also, compared with other treats and snacks, such as a slice of cake, a piece of gingerbread, an almond cake or gingerbread, the donut contains the fewest calories. In summary calories donuts, apple fritters and apple fritters you can read more about the number of calories in the various New Year treats.

A donut and the Dr. Frank diet.

Besides the number of calories is the donut, according to internist Dr. Frank is known for the popular Dr. Frank diet, more pros. Albeit a donut contains more unsaturated fats than a sponge cake or slice of cake, but less carbohydrates. According to Dr. Frank, who is a supporter of the koolhydraatarmdieet are the unsaturated fats in a donut better health. In particular, for the cholesterol are the unsaturated fats in a oliebol better, than the many carbohydrate which contains a sponge cake.
Precisely high cholesterol is very dangerous for good health, so if you have high cholesterol levels or the risk zone is choose a donut rather than a sponge cake according to Dr. Frank.

Healthy frying

Frying is an unhealthy image, making all fried treats equally be considered unhealthy. However, a deep-fried snack can be healthier than a cake from the factory. This depends on the fats that are used. Products prepared in fresh cooking oil are healthier than products from the factory. When you "healthy" want to fry you make use of liquid fat. Liquid frying fat contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, which have a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels. This contrasts with solid fat it does contain a lot of saturated fatty acids. Many donut stalls and snack bars still make use of solid fat. If you want to fry donuts to eat healthily and healthy this year, do you therefore wise to self fritters frying.

The number of calories per day

Ok, we are so behind that you actually can eat a donut while old and new. The bow can not always be taut. Losing weight should be fun and without occasionally a tasty snack am unable to retain the motivation. Keep only be accountable to the number of calories per day. A donut during New Year's Eve can mean that it is wise to adjust your lunch. So as always applies to the donut: Sweets wise, sweets in moderation!