Losing weight is a search for oneself - Column Marielle de Vries

Miscellaneous yankeeray1 August 8, 2016 1 0

I stood on the scales this morning and asked myself whether I was happy with this result. The past few weeks have not arrived, but not fallen.

A vague acquaintance I had already spoken to earlier. "You're losing weight? Is not very hard eh. How much have you lost now? Five kilos. Five kilos in eight months time. Could have been better. "Her comments were obviously hang. My high sensitivity started me again in a wrong way to play tricks. Because yes, of course it could have been better. I did it all well and had that vague knowledge right?

Success story

I even doubted even if I wanted to go through with this blog. Five kilos in eight months course you can not mention a brilliant success. At least in the eyes of people who never had to lines. Or people who think you're only successful when you lose weight at the same time kilos. People who do not realize that every day are busy with good food, lots of energy costs and then you may sometimes drop more than one stitch.


I welcome these five kilos less. Those are twenty packs of butter that I no longer need to carry around. And yes it's not hard, but it remains off. And yes, I could stabbing in eating and exercise are working much more time and energy. I am no longer that woman who just obsessively concerned with losing weight. Which denied himself everything in the field of food, because they needed to lose weight for others. I am Marielle and I enjoy healthy and tasty food, and I can stop all of myself in my mouth, I just do not want.


There are points for improvement. Heus. There are things I would like. Such as more exercise. But I throw myself for once not with a lot of passion in something, then I'm giving up frustrated for three or four weeks. I take the time to share my life the way I would like. Only I do now, step by step and do not let myself be guided by the opinions of others. Those 25 kilos I still wants out, I do not lose a year. Losing weight is a long-term plan? And I continue to write my weekly blog. Losing weight is to lose more than kilos, it is a search for yourself.