Made a mistake? Admitting mistakes, what is the benefit?

Miscellaneous thebrolaf July 25, 2016 0 62
What's the big advantage to admit your own mistakes? What miracles happen there if you homemade admit mistakes? Admit you made a mistake, give you more than you ever imagined! It shows character if you admit a mistake. By admitting a mistake, you eliminate guilt and the first step is put to correct the error.

Admit error

Why would you admit a mistake you've made? It is in everyone's nature to defend yourself and to justify yourself. Who thinks now to admit its own mistake? What is the advantage of that?


If you know you're getting a reprimand, because you made a mistake or because you have breached a border, you can do two things:
  • Spar to justify yourself or
  • Admit that you were in the wrong and give the other the same.


By conceding a closer that you made one mistake, you lead the other's mouth. You're the other person and you can now expose your heart to yourself to self-criticism. ?? It was stupid what I did, it was all my fault, I had not been paying enough and etc. ?? Say out loud in front of all the other things about yourself that you did wrong before others get the chance to do it. Say anything you sure know the other person likes had said to you. Be the other person and yourself from your self-criticism!

Forgiving attitude

If you know you're in for a reprimand is from the mouth of another, and you're the other to continue to admit your mistake, the result will be amazing: the other takes a forgiving attitude! The other will downplay your fault! Not always, but the other will assume after hearing all self-criticism coming out of your mouth a forgiving attitude.

What is happening?

What happens to the other as you admit your mistake resounding and recharge yourself on a self-critical? By admitting the mistake and any self-criticism, you rob his pugnacity another. The other feels nothing for you to read the lesson after you overload yourself with self-criticism. In fact, the other will turn his position around 180 degrees and are very indulgent!


And what happens to you once you admit yourself that you made a mistake? It frees you from all the possible guilt and admitting the mistake is also a first step to correct the error. By not going to look for excuses or blaming others, you will feel good!


Admitting homemade mistakes and errors, it shows that you have character. There are ?? unfortunately ?? Few people with nature on earth, while the benefits can be so great if you admit a mistake!