Madrid; Filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar

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He so wanted to study at the National School of Cinema in Madrid. When he wanted to enroll shortly before the school was closed by Franco. It then has some time geduurt before he made his first film. Since 1987, he enjoys national into international fame.


The now 56-year-old filmmaker already has one or two things on his account. This initially provocative filmmaker has achieved international fame.

Pedro Almodóvar

He was born on September 25, 1951 in Calzada de Caltrava in the province of Ciudad Real. He's at an early age interested in movies and goes to the village cinema. To keep warm he takes home with a can of charcoal. This makeshift tin with hot coals Pedro is the paradigm of the significance of film.
He goes after leaving high school to a religious college. Because of the bad religious education he loses his faith and develops a distaste for religion.
When he was sixteen, he moved with no family and no money to Madrid. He wants to study at the National School of Cinema, but can not enroll because Franco had shortly before the school closed.
After some time he has all sorts of small jobs, he gets a job at the administrative ?? Compañía Telefónica Nacional de España ??. Here he continues to work 12 years and his life Madrid will affect the future of his films. He goes out with his super eight camera and makes short silent films. During the presentation he speaks in this self. A better school, he could not find. He plays in a punk band, writes scenarios, is a member of a theater group and has his camera and silent films.
He was indicted in 2004 for libel by the PP. He had a press conference of his film La mala educación ?? ?? said that he felt liberated from the Parido Popular. This had unexpectedly lost the election.

Pedro and the film

In 1980 then comes his first feature film; ?? Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del MOTON ??. His own style is immediately noticeable: Striking characters, colors and the label of the enfant terrible. He develops into a provocative relnicht with a preference for kitsch and sexual aberrations. The foundation of his films are the prostitutes and transsexuals; raised women and flabby guys. At a later stage of his film career, the characters are more serious and nuanced.
His breakthrough came in 1987 when the movie ?? Women on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown ?? true. This film is well received. Not only among the public but also by critics in both Spain and Europe. In addition to an Oscar nomination he won about 50 national and international awards.

Oscars and Golden Palm

He will win a 2000 Oscar award for the best foreign film All About My Mother ?? ??. Three years later, in 2003, he earned a 2nd Oscar. This time for Best Screenplay of the film Hable con ella ?? ??.
In 1999 he receives the Cannes Film Festival, a Golden Palm for best director of the film ?? Tobo sobre mi Madre ??.

His films

A number of the films made by Pedro, several of these are in relation with Madrid:
  • 1982; Laberinot the Pasiones. This is his 2nd film, the protagonists roam the Rastromarkt. They have breakfast in cafe Bobia.
  • 1983; Entre Tienables
  • 1984; What have I done to deserve this
  • 1985; Matador, the most dramatic atmosphere in Madrid, according image of the creator. Assumpta Serna is on the viaduct over Calle Segovia waiting for her fate, though gazing at the mountains of the Sierra de Guadaramma.
  • 1986; Law of Desire
  • 1987; Mujeres al borde un ataque the nervios
  • 1989; Atame
  • 1990; High Heels. Marisa Parides lives in the heart of the Habsburg Madrid, at Plaza de Alamillo
  • 1991; In Bed with Madonna. In this film plays with Pedro Almodóvar himself, he has not made it.
  • 1993; Kika. The film is set in an apartment at the Pases de la Castellana, with a view of the Torre Picasso. This film is the renewal in Madrid portrayed as the Atocha train station.
  • 1995; The Flower of My Secret. In this film plays again Maris Parides involved in the fountain at the Mores trying to take off her boots.
  • 1997; Live Flesh. In this film plays include Penélope Cruz along. Here too the renewal of Madrid play another role. In the picture, the Torres Kio, the leaning twin tower at Paseo de la Castellana.
  • 1999; Tobo sobre mi Madre, including Penélope Cruz in the cast.
  • 2002; Hable con ella
  • 2004; La mala educación. A film about greedy priests and a film director. About this film says Pedro himself ?? I am older, more cautious. This is reflected in my work ??.
  • 2006; Volver. Again with Penélope Cruz, a film set in La Mancha, in Vallecas and Quatro Caminos.

Expected in 2008

He will probably begin in January with the inclusion of his film Broken Embraces ?? ??. This should be his fourth film in which Penélope Cruz plays a role. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the film noir ?? ?? by mid century.