Mail money

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The processing of emails is a common form of homework. Many companies promote themselves through mailings, sending out surveys or advertising. Reference is often made of homeworkers. This is cheaper for entrepreneurs and home workers to do it. There are various forms of making money with the mail. This article tells more about this.

Processing Email

A very well known form of homework is processing emails. Also to be found in this homework form different activities. For example, you are instructed to approach people through the mail and try to attract new customers, you can send mailings, people give through the mail response to questions or check their emails on errors.

Sales through the mail

A known form of working from home using the mail is selling via email. The advantage is that you often get a standard format and can send it to many people at once. In many cases you get an answer back on these emails because people have no interest in the product or because they directly to the selling company's website surfing. Of course there are also people who want to know more of the product and then it can happen so that you are back on an incoming mail must answer to inform the potential customer.

Send mailings

Sending a mailing of course is not at all be difficult. However, it can be very monotonous over time. Many companies will give you a clear example of mailing which can put you directly in the mail and must send as many people as possible. It could also be that the company's purpose of mailing you leave and then it becomes a lot more interesting. Even better it is if you can do the research on the target audience and where it is located. You are then engaged in various activities for the same job and that makes it a lot more fun to do.

Answering emails

Before you order a service or product you obviously want to know what it is exactly. More and more companies here have a separate mailbox or an online questionnaire. To answer the emails well you obviously have knowledge of the service or product is needed. Luckily you get a textbook in most cases the client where you can find all the answers. The idea is that you ask to surrender the mail is answered in a clear and transparent manner and the product or service praises again to the potential customers the final push in the back.


Especially with very large companies sometimes hundreds of emails per day. Often, these are standard e-mails, but in many cases also need to be somewhat adjusted to the standard design. Due to lack of work is to be fixed for someone to hire, these emails are often processed by the departments themselves. To be sure there are no spelling mistakes in emails or attachments, these are controlled by homeworkers who speak Dutch well.