Maintain a flexible body

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Who does not want a supple body. Where a natural one and all is flexibility, the other at a young age is already a jerk ?? ?? and he or she must scramble to remain flexible. But for many people is that they are as they get older, not sacrifice flexibility. In that case it is a question of a regular remain in movement in order not to stiffen the body. How it works and what to look for?


It starts with how our bodies ingenious works. Fascia, which consists of several layers, namely, is a super-network of connective tissue some organs, including muscle and bone, as it were.
If you've slept a night, these layers may be a little stick together. This results in less room for maneuver in the literal sense.
Because it's all in communication with each other, you can feel something in the neck as possible to the toes. It is therefore important to loosen the layers and give you space in your own body.
Thé movement to create the space needed again after the sleep letter to stretch. The cat is the ultimate example of how to do it. After her nap, she can unabashedly stretch until they again have the space she needs in her skin to jump meters high and is to roll up completely.
The fascia which is stretched, creates a substance hyaluronic acid that is created. Reference is now again moisture taken up by the connective tissue, which makes the layers smoother. The hyaluronic acid we might know still better what the aging process is delayed. So naturally there are different creams hyaluronic acid is added.


There are several problems that move through more restricted can occur, such as:
  • Stiffness is the most famous. By less exercise the aforementioned films may not be fully loose, you movement space is limited and hence the movement may be reduced significantly.
  • Weak bones and muscles may occur as by interfering with movement of the muscles no longer be optimally deployed. Bones become stronger as the muscles that are associated with it, can withstand some force. Weak muscles means less impact on the bones and slowly they become porous. What is called osteoporosis.
  • Less mobile joints occur if the fascia around the joint is not only stiffer but also shorter. One gets problems with the stretching of the leg, the knee can fix ?? ?? sit and wrist can not turn fully.

  • Inflammation can be caused by wrong attitudes, but also excessive stress and even coffee. Or even prolonged sleep at the wrong mattress can cause irritation. The fascia can thicken and become painful. The surrounding muscles may tighten and further aggravate the inflammation.

What to do ?? and what is not?

There are a number of things make sense to be taken in order to preserve the flexibility, such as:
  • Stretch after the always sleep well and taking care to take everything from the legs to the arms, ankle and foot joints and neck. Do not force anything, but go to where you let your body come with stretching.
  • Only yin yoga exercises increased in the early morning hours. With yoga you force anything, will you look at how far your body with the non-heated body with the different exercises. As you do it more often, the body is increasingly evident. You shift your boundaries so in a healthy way.
  • Get enough vitamin D, your body will be less likely to have thickening of the fascia. Allow 15 to 20 minutes of daylight per day and otherwise care for a supplement.
  • Moisture is important for different parts of the body, including the connective tissue. Sufficient moisture may continue to be recorded this way. Drink enough so.
  • After showering you do put some lotion on the body. Rub it not only in, but massage it a good look at the skin and feel the muscles. This also stimulates the release of the fascia.
  • It remains still stuck, let you ?? ?? Bowen. The bowen therapy is ideally suited to loosen the connective tissue.

What should you not do:
  • Exchange exercises and movements always off. If you ever make a repetitive movements, the connective tissue loses its suppleness.
  • Stress is for all sorts of things wrong and so also for your connective tissue. Normally pull your muscles and verstar you during a stressful period. This is detrimental to the flexibility of the connective tissue. Continue to move and relax is also in a stressful period of great importance.
  • If you decide to move, for example by starting a series of exercises during the morning hours do. Remain then do it, otherwise the stagnation after a few days, only worse. Exaggerate not, but build it up slowly.
    Otherwise you pay the bill yourself.
  • Refined food products are not good to preserve the flexibility. An excessive use of meat can also achieve this. Try to make refined products are and make sure you keep size when eating meat.


Get physical is good to remain flexible, so far it is clear. But good exercise makes you happier. It therefore serves several interests as you ensure that remain supple. Do not exaggerate, but flexibility in body and mind does not harm anybody.