Make autumn wardrobe ready

Health ColaM August 8, 2016 1 3
The new fashion season is coming. What clothes you have hanging in your closet and what do you store? What clothes you should buy, store or just hang? How to make your wardrobe ready for fall? What are the new trends? What can this coming fashion season really no longer in the closet? The new fashion trends for the autumn fashion season in 2011 for women are:

Autumn: Fall 2011

Autumn is upon us, comes a new fashion season. For those who are fashion-conscious go through life, here are some tips that definitely belongs in your wardrobe to hang this season and what absolutely can not.

New trends

What are the new trends for the winter season 2011? Which of these new trends you should definitely have in your wardrobe? The new trends are:
  • Footwear: high heeled pumps and high-heeled stiletto's: the particular shape of the shoe, the better!
  • Clothing: Diamonds are back, choose a diamond print in a feminine fit,
  • Dress: Simple but very distinctly, the dress form: Du Jour,
  • Femininity:
  • Western look: the western look is the trend, especially in a sleek and sexy feminine fit the western look is totally hot this season,
  • Feathers: it seems that the new feathers fur this season,
  • Accessories: Women are allowed this season and top dressed this season, so colored female hats and matching gloves and belts to complete the picture dressed. Also large beads and stones are all in this fall.
  • Luxury: This autumn we see a lot of accessories with relief: krokoprint and ripple effects, as long as it feels luxurious!
  • Boots: boots in different calf sizes: autumn hit of this autumn!

Returning trend

There are fashion trends that come back in fashion. Which fashion trends return this season and may therefore back in the wardrobe?
  • Animal prints frequently are animal prints in ??, ?? Also this upcoming season animal prints may be restored,
  • Shoes: shoes with a heel where you can walk may well again this season,
  • Boho: boho look can this upcoming fashion season altogether

What really can not?

Which fashion trends this season can really no longer and must be banished from the wardrobe?
  • Shoes: all flat and comfortable shoes like the ballerina can not really the upcoming season,
  • Prints: dots are often a trend in fashion, coming fashion season can not really dots,
  • Clothing: Dress Wrap, wrap dress, can not really coming season!