Make money with Facebook

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Facebook is a social networking site that has to and around 750 million users, according to current statistics. It may sound strange but it is effective as there are a lot of people who make money with Facebook, for some it's just some extra pocket money but for others it is a real business. The different options are explained in this article.

Earn money through Facebook Pages

A Facebook page also called fan page is a page that a particular topic, person, product, ... has as its theme. For example, the page is about a music group, a television series, a food product, a geographic region, travel, restaurant, shop, cycling, ... go. The choice is immensely. The condition to make money from your Facebook page is of course that you have a large number of fans. A minimum of several thousand are necessary. The more fans the more you can earn!
Advertising on our Facebook page
You can ask companies money to place advertising on our Facebook page in the form of for example a banner or sponsored a better status update. All your fans get to see them automatically enabling the company to reach a large audience in a short time.
An example:
You have a fanpage on vacation in Tuscany, you can have pay travel agents to make advertising for their offer in Tuscany
Facebook page sales
You can Facebook page offering for sale, the more fans and more interesting your topic is, the more likely you are to a serious offer. Do you have a fanpage on cycling for example, by buying on the page, a bicycle manufacturer gets immediately a lot of cycling fans and potential customers there. He can bring his fans informed of any possible promotions through its Facebook page.
Affiliate links on our Facebook page
Today there are many affiliate affiliate programs on the Internet site, the best known are TradeTracker, Tradedoubler, M4N, Daisycon. Once approved by an advertiser, such as a travel agency, computer store ... you can place an affiliate link in your status update. Every time someone buys a product or book a trip through your affiliate link you get to this small committee.
Facebook page develop and sell templates
Every self-respecting company is now on Facebook and has its own Facebook page. These pages are actually mini websites that can establish a direct link to the actual site of the company. On the Internet, some sites offer free standard designs or templates for Facebook Pages.
The method is as follows:
You make your choice of a standard design depending on your buisiness or topic such as an online shop, photo gallery, restaurant, music group, ... you download this template, modifies, and they finally recharges to your Facebook page. You can specialize in the making of our Facebook page and they offer to different businesses, shops, restaurant owners, ...

Create Facebook applications and Facebook page templates and layouts

Facebook applications
Most of the money is undoubtedly earn with Facebook applications, also called apps. However, it requires the necessary programming knowledge required, the application can now find everywhere on Facebook, in games, on the pages in the groups. Cool apps soon get a lot of publicity which gives them an enormous number of users in a short time. The rule is that every 10,000 users you about 1000 ?? can earn per month to your app.
Facebook page templates
Currently, only few specialize in this but it is a market that is rapidly growing. Knowledge of programming is useful but is not essential, knowledge of Photoshop and graphic insight contrast sufficient. You can indeed depart from existing standard templates offered by some sites and adjust via Photoshop.

Facebook ads

Facebook Like Google offers the ability to advertise. The principle applied is the so-called PPC system, also known as Pay Per Click. You only pay if someone clicks on your ad. The trick is now to launch a campaign through your affiliate network so you earn more commission than you spend on your ads on Facebook. For example, you can set up an ad for sports shoes. Earn your 800 ?? to commission while only 500 ?? spend on advertising on Facebook then you have a profit of 300 ??. It is clear that this method does risks content and that designated for those who have already for years been engaged in affiliate marketing.