Make-up tips: Make corrections

Health cardfan212 August 8, 2016 0 0
Have you ever minor problems with your makeup? Then these tips will surely help further to make the necessary corrections.
  • Corrections for the eyes
  • Corrections for the complexion
  • Corrections for lips

Corrections for the eyes

  • Your eye shadow takes too large a surface, use a cotton swab to ?? gumming away too much ?? and then work on some new eye shadow.
  • You have made too much color on your eyelid, take a large brush and wipe away the excess. Use moves inward, not outward, because you would only wider but wipe out the color.
  • There is eyeshadows ended up on the rest of your face: Wipe with a large brush makeup particles away from your face. Make moves outwards and do not press your brush, so your makeup does not press firmly on your face. Hold your light movements. The next time you apply eye shadow, apply first a translucent face powder. Wipe it away with a brush after the application of eye make-up.
  • Your mascara is running out, use a waterproof mascara. You can also apply a coat of clear mascara over your usual mascara.
  • There is ended mascara on your already made-up eyelid, take a dry cotton swab and dab this on the mascara. Do not make sweeping motions. If this fails, then do a bit of foundation on the swab.
  • You have made too much mascara, take a paper towel and keep it between the upper and lower lashes. Blink as needed with the lashes. You can also use a wimperborsteltje to remove the excess mascara. Naturally, all this will not happen if the mascara is already completely dry. Prompt action is the message.
  • You want to cover up your oogrimpeltjes: apply anti wrinkle cream stick or ?? directly with the stick or with a brush on the wrinkles. Create your fingertip gently pulsating movements. Choose a cover stick ?? ?? with a lighter color than your foundation cream.
  • You want to hide your tired eyes: avoid to apply mascara to your lower lashes.

Corrections for the complexion

  • You have too many fond made the complexion: make fondsde complexion-damp sponge and take it all over your face. Make any of the sponge also some neutral base cream to. Take a paper towel and press it against your face so that the excess foundation cream is absorbed.
  • Long distance, there is the complexion landed on your eyebrows, take a brush and do it over your eyebrows in all possible directions. Then brush your brows back into shape.
  • You want to hide pigmentation: you can soften the pigmentation by doing a gentle exfoliation. Then use a camouflage cream or stick ?? that's close to your natural skin color. Beat the product lightly onto your skin and take it over the edges of your pigment spot. Repeat as needed.
  • You've gained too much blush: do a powder on it with a makeup brush

Corrections for lips

Your lipstick is too far from your lips, use a cotton swab to remove excess lipstick, possibly with some reinigingsslotion it. Then bring back fond to the complexion. Use or a lip to finer proceed to the make-up of your lips.
Your lipstick does not stay long enough: first do some foundation cream on your lips and then some face powder. Then apply only to your lipstick.