Makeup Tips for Winter

Health Bibbilo December 9, 2016 0 6
Winter has now begun final. Your summer shade is all gone, your hair is dry, your skin is dry, and keep your morning better still half an hour longer lie in your warm bed instead of what you do to your appearance. You know what to do with makeup this winter but do not want to in any longer against a tired, pale snout look? These tips can go a long way without it costing too much trouble.

Pale snout

In the summer, you notice quickly that if you're a little brown, you really do not need much makeup to look beautiful and radiant. In winter this is the most unfortunately not the case. Unless you regularly picks up the sun, you are in the winter a white rabbit. Because you proved you're falling walls also more and you look more tired than ever.
Fortunately, there are bronzers, you can still give a sunkissed look in winter. To find out what shade of bronzer suits your skin tone, you can go through the best moment on the DA, Douglas, or other drug, and ask one of the staff for advice. These often know exactly what colors you can have the best. Do not buy just any color you like, but ask for advice and test him get out.
The application is simple: For a little tanned face you do not need to powder your face full - avoid the orange effect! - But do you really just go over your cheekbones and then withdrawing the "line" until you sleep. Likewise, you accentuate your cheekbones. You can also apply bronzer on your forehead, but do not get too excited: too much is really a no-go! If you have a bare neck / neck, forget that either!
Blushers give you a healthy tan. You can use this instead of the bronzer, if you just want a healthy tan, but you can also choose both. Often, a blusher beautiful as the finishing touch. For the color blush applies again, ask a salesperson at the drugstore. The color that suits you see too often to rub your cheeks; the color you get is the blush color that is most natural for you. You bring the blusher to the crown of your cheekbones. The easiest way is to just laugh and bring you to your cheek where it is convex.


In summer, the fresh, bright colors were the most beautiful to the eyes, in the winter you want something warmer, darker colors. Gold and silver can be good, especially during the holidays.
Which Colour?
Do you have brown eyes, then you can actually do everything well. Especially copper-colored, brown, green, beige or purple are good for brown eyes. Are your eyes blue or blue / gray? Do not go for pink hues but choose brown, gray / silver, blue, gold or black. With green eyes can also be a lot. Go especially for brown, purple, green or violet. These "rules" of course not apply to everyone. Skin and hair color also plays a role. Get advice from a vendor at the drugstore or experiment yourself just a little bit!
Smokey eyes
Smokey eyes always do well and give everyone, if properly applied, a chic and sexy look. Start with the eyeliner. Put a line above your eyelashes, which thickens to your outer corners. You may also apply eyeliner on the rim under your eyes. For eye shadow, use different colors of brown or black. Start with the highlighter just below your eyebrow. This color can also apply at your inner corner of the eye. Then choose a darker color to make the rest of your eye. Apply this on your entire eyelid and anything above it, so it is perfectly lined in the color of highlighter.
With the darkest color you doing the outer edge of your eyelid. Bring this into your outer corner and pull it toward the end of your eyebrow. These colors merge with the center color. With this latest darkest color you can possibly have a thin layer of surface affixed under your eye. Finish off with a few layers of black mascara.


Rule 1 for the winter: Care for your lips! Lubricate daily with Vaseline to prevent dry lips with loose sheets. In terms of lipstick you choose during the holidays warm colors. Festive red is beautiful with a beautiful evening gown. Do you suffer from yellow teeth? Choose especially for pinks. Pink makes your teeth whiter, while red can make your teeth properly yellower. Do you have brown eyes, it is a brown shade lipstick you well. For a shiny effect, apply a clear gloss over your lipstick.