Making money with the Nijmegen Marches!

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The Nijmegen Marches is the most famous pedestrian scene in the Netherlands and started in 1909. The Nijmegen Marches will last from July 20 t / m July 23 and is the biggest walking event in the world with 40,000 participants from as many as 50 countries! Besides a great experience the Nijmegen Marches also offers great opportunities for additional income and to those with an entrepreneurial spirit catch a nice cash in! On some peak days, there are more than one million people in Nijmegen, all with thirst, like sleeping and eating. Look, it offers opportunities! Here five tips to get you started!

Tip 1: living rent in Nijmegen Marches!

From around the world come to people who all have to stay in Nijmegen and surroundings. Demand for sleeping is therefore enormous. Runners of the Nijmegen Marches usually have four or five nights require a room. Apart from a regular ad on the Internet is also the tourist office in Nijmegen help you to rent your room / living space. You fill in your details and indicates which features you have. They take care of the payments and the visitors. Are you willing to get up early and make breakfast and supper if you get above a large fee. You have to think a little 40 euros per person per night on a full board. However, this is dependent on what you can offer. That can add up so fun! But you do remember that you must provide good beds and peaceful surroundings. Especially after a long day's walk, the runners needed to rest the next day refreshed to be at the start. Check with the tourist office if you seriously are planning to rent out your room or house during the Nijmegen Marches.

Tip 2: sell products and go peddle!

With all those runners and visitors can be a lucrative business to peddle. You can think of anything. Food and drinks along the route to poncho ?? s when the weather is against. But you do remember well that strict rules are applicable. The Nijmegen Marches is a very big event in which as much as possible to be regulated in detail. So there are a limited number of available permits for a position or to peddle. Additionally, there are specific rules that must be met. You can think of selling a certificate social hygiene when eating and drinking. On the website of the Municipality of Nijmegen is more here to find out about.

Tip 3: Set your house open to the toilet!

Those two square meters in your home with the Nijmegen Marches are a gold mine. If you happen to be a good location to live in Nijmegen and have a lot of enthusiasm to want to clean the bowl after every 15 minutes, then you may have secured the holidays to Barbados. If you seriously think about it here, make it something of frivolous. The Nijmegen Marches is after all a party.

Tip 4: Earn extra lot by working with the Nijmegen Marches!

Not everyone needs to party with the four days. Besides a lot of cost that you would save by not going partying earn you extra for most hangouts much. It is extremely difficult for most entrepreneurs to get good staff. If you do not get paid extra during the four-day celebrations, as you can keep the tip you already come a long way. Additionally, you can work long hours because the festivities start early!

Tip 5: Collect the following day everything returnable to do: empty bottles, crates and beer bottles.

The last day of the Four states are littered with empty crates of beer, beer bottles, coins and other valuables. Getting up early was never so rewarded. With a small round through some streets and collect some crates and bottles you not only help you keep the cleaners also persist on over! And with a little luck you'll also find that people have lost money.
Let your creativity flow and perhaps the Nijmegen Marches for you or double celebration!