Making project planning, example

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A project align with the size of the project. Sometimes you merge your different stages in the project when there is no question of great complexity. Project plans can with the product-oriented method. Advance you determine what products the first project should provide. The project schedule can then vote on the creation of these products. This is called product-oriented plans.

Planning projects

Projects are divided into three categories. Depending on the size of the project, it falls into one of the categories. Projects are divided into:
  • medium and large projects
  • smaller projects
  • small, simple projects

The layout of the planning of a project depends on the size of it. When creating a project planning should always all process steps in the project get a place. The entire process of a project planning contains at least the following three process steps:
  • for phase
  • initiation phase
  • execution

For small, simple projects are typically the pre-stage and the initiation phase taken together in a single process step. The making of the project planning involved than in two phases. For somewhat larger projects for the stage and the initiation phase to be treated as separate phases in the project planning, in addition to the implementation phase. In medium and large project consists beside the stage and the initiation phase, the implementation phase of several sub-phases to make the project manageable. The bigger the project is, the larger the project schedule must be created.

Phasing project planning

The making of a project planning can be in multiple stages. After you've made a choice which category the project falls, you can create a project schedule. You know then how to see the phasing of the project will look like. But what do you do at what stage?
For Phase
In the preliminary phase of the project you ensure a project mandate of the client. Additionally you will work the business case outlining what the added value of the project for the organization. You can also mention something about the overall expected costs, risks ?? s and project planning. All these components come in to be a document that the project is called.
Initiation phase
If the project is approved then you can start with the initiation phase. In this phase the business case is worked out in detail. The results are described to achieve, why the project is necessary is defined and who gets what responsibilities during the project. In fact, all parts of the project in detail to be worked out so that the project can really get started.
Implementation Phase
In the implementation activities are carried out and managed to achieve project results. For small projects, the implementation is fairly clear. Become larger and more complex projects, however, it is wise to split the implementation into pieces.

Example project

The project is the results that must be achieved with the described project. The results can be translated into products to be produced during the life of the project. The result is often split into partial results, which are then again be linked to products. By basing the planning of these products can make a very focused project planning. For this, first put all products in the correct chronological order and determine the dependencies among themselves.
This type of plan is also called product-oriented plans. The appointed dependencies are milestones within the project schedule. In addition, for example, then applies it to be finished first A product before it can be started with product B. The project is directed at the development of individual products.