March 20: the day happiness!

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March 20: the day happiness!

The UN has declared 20 March as World the day of happiness. On this occasion, Christophe Deshayes, corporate speaker, and Jean-Baptiste Stuchlik, psychologist, sponsoring the "Little treaty 2.0 Happiness" by Armand Colin, give us seven tips from digital technologies to feel happier!

The BIB or "gross domestic happiness" was created by the OECD. It measures the quality of life in a country. The first two places, there are Australia and Canada. France is far from the podium at the eighteenth spot.

But, let's be selfish, and to improve our small daily personal happiness, here are seven tips to follow. Decide to put one daily application and take stock after one month. No doubt many little things have changed!

1 - Thank

Get used to thank for all the little positive things that punctuate the day. For example, breakfast relaxed shared with your daughter, your husband. Photograph it and watch it regularly. This is nothing more or less, a form of positive thinking, increasingly topical.

You can also hold your gratitude journal. Fill it out over the day; at the end of the month, you will see that happened many good things. And to help you to thank, an application to download: Gratitude!

2 - Relax

You feel attacked in public transport, in the street where they push you ... Get into your bubble listening to a zen music. In less than a minute you will draw from you and feel your tensions relax. Another plus: the Relax melodies application.

3 - Move more

This is a public health advisory, certainly. But exercise also plays on morale. It contributes to self-esteem, the renewed vitality, not to mention the release of endorphins from 40 minutes of sport. And sport also helps to live more longemps: three years of life in addition to fifteen minutes of walking a day and four years for thirty minutes.

To move every day, equip yourself a pedometer and improve gradually as your performance. Otherwise, think of video games: Dance Dance Revolution, Playstation Move ...

4 - Relax

Nothing like to lower the pressure to practice some yoga movements, abdominal breathing to suddenly feel a deep well-being. With digital technologies, download Yogi and thereby practice daily exercises that will bring you serenity.

5 - Find love

A study by the Harvard Medical School shows that living alone increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. So, to live happy, live couple!

HowAboutWe The site offers an action, an output on a given day, to change age-old dating sites. A test maybe for singles ...

6 - Be inspired

You're bored. Do not know what to do. Be creative! Feel like a tourist, leave the shoulder camera to rediscover your city. Post your pictures on the net, and thus interact with others, socialize. Zengo is a good application to that effect.

7 - you Challengez

Make the diagnosis of your happiness: what is, what could be improved to make you feel lighter, happier. And do not give up as long as you have not reached your maximum.