Marilyn French, feminist writer

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Marilyn French is an American feminist writer, she became world famous by the book "The Woman's Room ', translated into Dutch as' Room for Women.


French was born in 1929 in New York in a family of Polish descent. She attended Hofstra University in 1951, but dropped out of college to marry. In 1964 she obtained her still M.A. and then worked at the Hofstra University. During that time she wrote, but only some of its articles were published. They had two children and divorced her husband. She continued her studies at Harvard and a PhD. She then taught at The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. Marilyn died on May 2, 2009 from the effects of heart disease.

Room for women

In 1976 she published her first book, her dissertation on James Joyce. A year later, "Room for women." This book became a cultural phenomenon. It describes the life of Mira and all women who cross its path and examines the social and economic disadvantage of women, especially in the 50s and 60s in the US The book was translated into 20 languages ​​and made into a film. And the French gave the chance to write the books that she wanted to write since she was financially independent from now on.

Other work

In addition to her novels, French has also written several other books, but also play the relationships between men and women starring. The book "Beyond power: on men, women and morals" was criticized because it would glorify matriarchal cultures. "The war on women 'evokes disgust with conservatives, gives French herein draws the conclusion that all men are rapists. 'From eve till dawn', the world women's history, with an emphasis on the oppression of women by men.


"A Season in Hell" is her personal account of her battle with cancer. In 1991 there is diagnosed with cancer and told her she only has a short live. She decides to oppose and here to stay 'man, thinker and writer.


  • 1976 The book world as James Joyce's Ulysses, as the book world
  • 1977 The woman's room, Room for women
  • 1980 The bleeding heart, the bleeding heart
  • 1981 Shakespeare's division of experience
  • 1985 Beyond Power: on men, women, and morals, Power and powerlessness
  • 1987 Her mother's daughter, her mother's daughter
  • 1992 The war on women, The War Against Women
  • 1993 Our father, our father!
  • 1996 My summer with George, My Summer of George
  • 1998 A Season in Hell: a memoir, My Season in Hell
  • 2000 Women's history of the world
  • From 2002 till dawn eve
  • 2005 The love children, children love
  • 2006 In the name of friendship, in the name of friendship