Marketing: The marketing mix or 4 P ?? s

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The marketing mix is ​​part of the marketing plan. It is an essential component as described in this section, the strategy chosen. How to create a marketing mix is ​​explained in this article. A good marketing makes for a powerful end result of your marketing plan.

The marketing mix

The marketing mix is ​​also known as the four P ?? s. This is because the marketing mix consists of four parts, all four starting with a P. These are the parts product, price, place and promotion. These components are totally conceived and described in the marketing mix. Sometimes there is a fifth P in the P personnel. However, this is still not used as often.

Where does stand the marketing in your marketing plan

The marketing comes after the determination of the strategy, following the FOETSJE analysis. The order of the four P ?? s does not really matter though most reports, the order product, price, place, promotion continue. This is the most logical since you first describe the product better before a price here for certain. Thus, it is the logical order for the reader.

What is the purpose of the marketing mix

The purpose of the marketing mix is ​​to illustrate clearly the strategy chosen by the four steps / p ?? s. Here, the marketing must ensure that the reader can clearly imagine what the advice is what you give in your marketing to the customer. It serves as a sort of final opinion or conclusion that is clear and covers everything.

How do you create a marketing mix?

Creating a marketing mix is ​​actually very easy. The important thing is that the marketing mix is ​​fully and clearly in line with the strategy.
You start with a cup product. Here describes offer you the product you are going, this can also be a service. You describe carefully what the product is, what the added value of the product compared to other products. And what the product is. You also mentioned the quality of your product and the packaging of the product and set the question: this product has additional services such as home marketing of the product or a discount on other products when purchasing the product?
Then you make a cup of value, and you mentioned what the product should cost, and how you came to that prize. So you made a clear costing. Even if you are given to companies or to purchase a large number of products have discounts are available.
When heading place tells you where the product is located, and why precisely at those locations? Is it easily accessible, and in what way is also an important component. The logistics accessibility is listed here.
In Promotion explains how you can promote the product. Is this a product that should be promoted through the TV or preferably via a local newspaper? Why do you choose to promote this way and what is the desired effect?
Optionally, you can add the header staff yet. Here you can specify what type of personnel are being sought, as far as education, age and experience. Here, too, you specify whether you're much or little staff, so a sole proprietorship or 100 employees.