Master abroad: apply for a grant

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Studying abroad is not cheap and because many Dutch students by the time they want to begin can not lend to a foreign master DUO is getting a grant or scholarship is a must. What options are kind of things in terms of getting a scholarship to finance your master? See an overview of scholarship opportunities.

Why apply for a scholarship?

Studying in America, England, France or elsewhere? When you're doing a bachelor abroad it is often possible to apply for a loan there. When you're doing a master, this is often a difficult story. The guarantee that you will get a loan for a bachelor like that in most cases, for example, happened in England, no longer exists for the master stage. This you will have to bear themselves. Sometimes it is enough to borrow up to DUO / IB Group but many students have this opportunity by then already fully exploited or are afraid of the huge debt that remains after graduation. So it pays to go out early to research and to see what the possibilities are with respect to applying for a scholarship.
See below a summary of the most important fairs. This list is for people who have the Dutch nationality. Scholarships are intended for students who have followed their training to a specific Dutch university who are not included in the list. You can find the best self to inquire at your institution. Also scholarships that are provided in the form of a loan are not included. Finally, the survey only included grants that are not tied to the place of study, such as the Fulbright scholarship or Mark Pigott Education Fund Loan Program designed for students who go to study in America. The prestigious Huygens Scholarship has unfortunately disappeared through the cuts.

VSB Fonds

This is one of the better-known scholarship providers. The VSB fund provides scholarships ?? 7,000 to ?? $ 10,000, depending on the duration of the study. To qualify you must have good grades and be recommended by their alma mater. Awarding the scholarships is highly competitive and a comprehensive log file is asked of you there. The selection is made among other things of an interview.

Erasmus Mundus

Anyone who has been admitted to an Erasmus Mundus consortium is eligible for this grant. You must have already completed your bachelor's degree in this case and have not previously received an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship and your training must be full-time. The amount of the grant amount depends on the category in which your program is divided up ?? 23 000 or ?? 48 000 euros for a period of two years.

McKinsey Fair

McKinsey draws up an annual amount of ?? 15,000 available to distribute among Dutch students who go abroad for a master or doctorate. This amount is always different distributed. So it may be that five students each ?? Receive 3000 euros, but also anyone ?? 9000, anyone ?? 5000 and one ?? 1000 will receive euro. When your application must explain what the social significance of your study will be. Preference is given to people who are demonstrably very passionate, act with team spirit ahead and show initiative. This is evident from your other activities.

Dr. Hendruk Muller's National Fund

When you go abroad for a master's or PhD and your average grade in your training was at least a 7.5 and your application is also supported by your counselor and provide reference for teachers, you can claim a grant of between the ?? And 750 ?? 6000 euro. You should do the scholarship application each year before 15 April.

University Fund Limburg / SWOL

This fund provides grants of between ?? 2000 and ?? 10,000 per student. Your application will be assessed on the value of the research that you want to perform during your training, you must already have a good idea of ​​here. The scholarship is not intended to be a nice contribution included but is only paid to those who might otherwise finance their studies impossible. It is then expected of you that you are in any promotion / sponsorship of the fund do.

Scholarship Boiler I

You come to this fund qualify as your rights, history or business studies to PhD in medicine. The scholarship is only awarded to students who do basic research and work on their promotion.

Foundation of the Free Lady of Renswoude Hague

This grant is specifically for poorer students who prove to be in the inability to pay for their studies. The student may not be older than 30 years and the scholarship is rarely awarded to students who follow a second study. The amount available is up ?? 6000 euro and is paid in the form of an interest-free loan or a gift.

Dr. L.A. Buma Foundation

If you come from Friesland and the study you are going to follow other than theology? Then you may have a chance to be awarded this scholarship. The budget varies each year and there is therefore nothing to say about the height of the stock market.

Student Grant Program

The Student Grant is a modest contribution towards the costs of ?? 1000 euro per student whom every three months be given a number. The application process for this grant is fairly simple.