Match Report Brazil - Croatia June 12, 2014

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The opening match of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Brazil played against Croatia. The pressure was high for both teams but especially Brazil seemed to have in the first half burden of high expectations in their homeland. Eventually managed Brazil managed to beat the Croats 3-1. What the statistics say about this game?

Race report

First half
  • 1 'first field goal of Croatia. The ball ends up wide of the goal.
  • 6 'David Luiz gets his first chance. He gets the ball at the head in the penalty area of ​​Croatia. He does not get him sit on the head and Stipe Pletikosa catches it with ease.
  • 7 'A good chance for Croatia. Olic getting the ball to the head and a good header. The ball ends up wide of the goal to the relief of the Brazilians.
  • 11 'GOAL A pass from the left by Olic. The Brazilian defender is trying to launch the ball but scores thus in own goal.
  • 21 'Paulinho runs well and will get a chance to shoot from a difficult position. The ball goes straight at the goalkeeper from Croatia that stops him.
  • 22 'Neymar reaches the last row of Croatia and crosses which Paulinho just missing. Then Oscar goes into action with a shot from distance, forcing the keeper into a save.
  • 27 'Yellow card for Neymar
  • 29 'GOAL score the equalizer for Brazil. Neymar scores with a calm ball that rolls inside who does not know to stop the keeper.

Second half
  • 46 'The second half started with the same players.
  • 61 'Croatia exchanges Mateo Kovačić for Marcelo Brozović
  • 63 'Brazil Paulinho changes for Hernanes
  • 65 'Yellow Card Croatia. Ćorluka trips Neymar to prevent an attack on the target. He needs this action cost him a yellow card.
  • 67 'The first real chance for Brazil. Dani Alves shoots from a free kick just wide of the goal.
  • 68 'Brazil Hulk changes for Bernard.
  • 69 'The Croatian Lovren was shown a yellow card that is debatable. Since the offense in the penalty area was made Brazil a Penalty.
  • 71 'GOAL Neymar knows how to use the penalty and it is 2-1 for Brazil.
  • 77 'A great cross from Oscar and David Luiz can give him head. The ball goes over.
  • 78 'Croatia Nikica Jelavić changes for ante rebić
  • 83 'A goal for Croatia's Olic. This is rejected by the referee because Olic would have attacked the goalkeeper. Another questionable decision by the referee.
  • 86 'Luka Modrić shoots from far and Ivica Olić know the ball to change direction. Julio Cesar knows the ball but difficult to keep out of the goal.
  • 88 'Neymar for Brazil varies Ramires.
  • 90 'GOAL for Brazil. Oscar knows the ball with the tip of his foot to the target pedal. 3-1 for Brazil.


A laborious victory for Brazil. The victory was not really deserve because Brazil played very moderate. Certainly the second half was better and Croatia had been a draw certainly in order. The referee took a number of landmark decisions that the outcome was determined. The penalty for a violation and not made a disallowed goal for very vague reasons.