Max Factor, the human and the product

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Max Factor has long been pioneering in the field of make-up, it is the oldest brand and still popular.

The beginning

Max Faktor was born in Lodz, Poland in 1870, is often genoemdt the father of modern makeup. With 10 children, the parents could not afford to pay expensive education for their children, so that Max was placed at the age of eight in an internship at a pharmacy. After years of mixing drinks for the pharmacy, Max had a fascination with cosmetics. He opened his own shop in a suburb of Moscow with handmade creams, fragrances, and wigs. When a traveling companion wore his makeup during a performance of the Russian nobility, was excited gereageerd.Max Factor name was established and he was appointed as the official cosmetic expert for the royal family and the Imperial Russian Grand Opera.

The brand

In 1904 Mak Faktor got a chance at the World's Fair in St. Louis to sell its products. It was a success and he emigrated with his family to America. In 1908 they moved to Los Angeles, Max Faktor was Max Factor and came into contact with the world of film. He could dream film actors and actresses are wearing makeup and wigs true. His sons rented wigs to producers of Westerns.
In 1914 created a Max Factor makeup for the film actors which, unlike theatrical makeup, would not crack. It took until 1927 before the makeup went on sale to consumers. In advertising
campaign said that every girl could look like a fimster with this makeup.
In the 50's came with a Max Factor revolutiair product. The Pan stick was the first opaque makeup and the forerunner of the foundation. Cover and did it, so even being used at this time it almost exclusively as stage makeup. But in those years was for the fashion conscious woman tremendous progress. Max Factor has moved with the times, today's 'makeup for vistgaisten' like the advertising slogan is a lot more natural and easier to use. Especially the foundation in colors that match the skin color was invented, but the eyecatcher are always new inventions in the field of mascara. Although it must be said that there are several brands that come with updates in the field.

The Trends

The latest trend is the new Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara promised to double the size of the lashes, so you get the same effect of false lashes without all the hassle with sticking. The secret lies in the combination of wimpervergrotende the largest brush of Max Factor ever with patented Liquid Lash technology.
The trend spotter of the firm works with three types of women: Vuirige temptress, Femme Fatale and Lush Veus. The types are based on america ian wife, what Europeese ladies are is difficult. Max mactor himself would be amazed at the developments in the makeup area that have taken place.