Medical examination to gain favor

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What does participate as subjects in medical research. You can earn nice money. For sick people is sometimes the only chance of recovery and for healthy people it can be a nice extra income. But if you are in any case better is the question, because there certainly are risks ?? s.

Financially better

Annually starting in the Netherlands about 1800 drug trials, involving 900 000 human subjects. They do it because of their health or to become financially better off. Participation is of course voluntary and if you want to stop at as a subject that could in principle.

Why are drugs on people tested

Before drugs can be prescribed to patients, they must first be studied extensively. First in a laboratory and then in animals. But what in experimental and in a lab seems to be working, does not necessarily apply to humans.

Is subject are dangerous?

The chance that things go wrong is small but is definitely present. How big is the risk depends on the type of research. Obviously, the potential risks are ?? s discussed with the participant. Although researchers who test drugs on volunteers must abide by many rules, one can still suffer from serious side effects. When testing a new skin cream for wrinkles serious side effects are unacceptable, but for example a heavy anticancer drug may ?? ?? or cause severe reactions. At the beginning of the study researchers and doctors should always clearly know what the risks are ?? s.

There are deceased persons to medical research?

In 2008 died 10 persons who participated in a study on a new treatment for pancreatitis. That is a very serious condition that often have many people to death. By the administration of so-called probiotics, the drug which should have helped, however, relatively more people died. The drug apparently backfired. The likelihood of this happening is however very small. In the Netherlands such a thing has never happened before. But it can therefore never be 100% are excluded.

What does medical research financially

Not in all cases, you can make money as a subject. Are you sick and is research important to you to get rid of your complaint, it may be that are only reimbursed travel expenses. Healthy people who take part in a survey on the other hand, be able to recover a significant amount. Their height depends inter alia on the duration of the investigation, while the heaviness of the study determines the amount of compensation. For example, blood must often be punctured, or is likely that you start to feel sick, all Contributing factors. But if you two weeks in a research center must stay, you can count on a fee of between 2500 ?? and ?? 3500. A study of just two days produces approximately 500 ?? on.

Why should you participate as a subject

About two-thirds of the subjects participating in a trial, is already sick and test a new treatment that doctors and researchers hope or expect that it will work better than existing drugs. Do they have not themselves benefit, then it may help other patients. A third is healthy and doing it mainly for the money, very often students and seniors.

What should you watch

Naturally, the candidate is given subject in advance detailed information on how and why ?? s as well as the risks and possible side effects. An independent committee looks at all the studies you want to do on people. You can therefore ask that the Medical Ethical Committee has approved the research. Participation is always voluntary and participants may always stop anytime with the investigation. Healthy people that before checking with their doctor.