Medically assisted procreation: the Senate vote a leave of absence

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Medically assisted procreation: the Senate vote a leave of absence

Women engaged in an in vitro fertilization may be absent from work to perform medical examinations. The Senate has adopted an amendment to that effect.

The Senate is currently considering the bill on the modernization of the health system. In this context, the senators come to provide support to women engaged in an in vitro fertilization. They, in fact, adopted an amendment, filed September 14, which gives them the opportunity to be away from work temporarily.

The text reads: "The employee receiving medical assistance for procreation under Article L.2141-2 of the Public Health Code has a leave of absence for medical procedures necessary".

An obstacle course

The senators behind this amendment recall that each year 23,000 children are born with these medical techniques. But for the couples concerned, the process is often likened to an obstacle course.

"It is, moreover, originally for women involved significant problems with reconciling their professional lives because the LDCs requires many tests, sometimes in very remote centers of interested home or place of work "remind senators.

The vote is not final

The legislation must then pass a joint committee before being finally adopted by the National Assembly at the end of the year. Already, the Bamp group, which wants to be "a forum for fertile infertility" calls its members to lobby parliamentarians for this amendment to be permanently enshrined in law. Incidentally, the association requests that future fathers have, as their companion, the right to be absent from the office.