Men: stop at love handles

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Men: stop at love handles

Although some women find endearing, many men complexed about their love handles. Food, sport, slimming creams ... How to say goodbye?

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  •  Fat storage is different in men
  •  The power supply, a key factor to melt his love handles
  •   In sport, bet on the regularity
  •   slimming products for men: everything is in the act

Fat storage is different in men

This is genetic: men are predisposed to store fat rather on the upper body, women on low. Also, a poor diet coupled with a lack of physical activity she Soldera out by the saddlebags in women ... and love handles in men!

Hormonal changes as in humans

From the fifties, man knows, too, hormonal changes. These cause the melting of muscle mass,

which favors an increase in body fat. While nutrient intake and physical activity remain the same, the body "stores" more readily. Failing to adapt his lifestyle accordingly, weight gain is inevitable.

Not to be confused with abdominal fat

"We must distinguish the fat stored under the skin of abdominal fat," says Dr. Thierry Hanh. The latter shows an abdominal obesity is a predisposing factor for certain cardiovascular diseases. Whew, love handles are part of the subcutaneous fat, the effects of which are felt mainly in the mirror!

The test to

A normal BMI does not immune from excess abdominal fat. To distinguish the subcutaneous fat, unsightly but harmless, abdominal fat, two simple actions:

- Measure your waist at the navel: beyond 102 cm in men, the risk of abdominal obesity was found.

- Take your fingers in a pincer movement with the pads on the sides of the torso: If the fold formed does not exceed 5 cm, your subcutaneous fat is ordinary, no worries!

The power supply, a key factor to melt his love handles

No miracle: to lose the extra kilos, a healthy lifestyle is still the rule. "It is estimated that food plays at 60% and sports at 40%," says Thomas Hebert, sports coach at Gymdom. The important thing is not to let bad habits settle: the kilos took a long time will be more hard to dislodge!

Monitor his calorie intake

Caloric intake must be adapted to the age and physical activity! You have to eat balanced and reasonable quantities! The National Agency of food safety recalls a man of 20-40 years should consume on average 2700 calories a day; a man of 41-60 years, 2500 calories. In a more general way, your body sends signals when it reaches full. Stay tuned!

The foods to choose

- Fruits and vegetables will, however, spacing the consumer very sweet fruits, such as bananas, plums and grapes. Attention to cooking vegetables: opt for the regular steamer, limit fat seasoning.

- Three dairy products per day, and instead of milk and yoghurt as cheeses. "A daily intake of adequate calcium allows better weight loss," says Dr. Thierry Hanh.

- Bread, pasta, potatoes ... A starch per meal is recommended, it is not fattening, since it has a light hand on sauces.

- Emphasize the water! Every glass of alcohol is high in calories, in addition to the risks of excessive consumption on health. Beware also of sodas, very sweet: a can averaged returns swallow six pieces of sugar!

In sports, bet on the regularity

Men have the chance to lose weight more easily than women. The winning strategy: regular physical activity! Sport is prevention: the body is more muscular, more energy expenditure is important, and more difficult it is to fat to settle.

Better often practice a moderate exercise extreme sport occasionally. A daily 30-minute walk, accompanied by a jogging two to three times a week, at a moderate pace, but at least 30 minutes, yielding results ... provided you keep up on time!

Two specific exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles

Impatient? To strengthen your abdominal muscles, thus accelerating the melting of your love handles, complete this program by two simple exercises advised by Thomas Hébert, coach at Gymdom.

- The sheathing: lying face down, on the elbows, raise the support body on tiptoe, or lap if you are new. Hold 20, 30, 40 seconds, repeat four or five times.

- String together with the pelvis statement: lying on his back, arms crossed, legs at right angles above the buttocks, approach of the smooth bust; back down, repeat. Repeat the exercise for one to two minutes, without forcing.

- Perform these movements three times a week.

Special senior exercises against the love handles

From the sixties, or if you are sedentary for a long time, it is better to go smoothly. These exercises, recommended by the sports instructor Jacques Choque, will strengthen the abdominal wall. To achieve without violence or jolts.

- Lying on your back, legs bent, arms at your sides, head on the ground. As you exhale, lift your head and shoulders as if you wanted to touch the calves with the fingertips. Breathing in, return to the starting position.

- Lying on his back, hands behind head, legs bent, feet flat on the floor. Bring one elbow to the opposite knee, lifting his head, exhaling. Breathing in, return to the starting position. Alternate one side and then the other. The hands do not pull on the head.

- For each exercise, perform two to four sets of 8-15 repetitions with a pause for breath between sets, three times a week.

Slimming products for men: everything is in the act

Different products targeting love handles for men on the market. They promise some impressive results. What should we think?

"These creams can be effective and reduce subcutaneous fat, provided they apply with proper massage, rolling massage. The results are 50% due to the mechanical action, "said Dr. Thierry Hanh. In extra, so they can give quick results.


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Read: Lose weight ... for men, Dr Thierry Hanh, ed. Oskar.