Microsoft Word - Other Features

Electronic limaopreto August 8, 2016 0 0
The most commonly used word processing program Microsoft Word. Typing a text fails almost everyone, but the program has many more options. Numbering rules to text colors and much more. Here is an overview of all the features that have not previously been addressed.

Search and Replace

In long documents looking for specific words very time consuming. Again, it is a feature. The first way to search a word through ?? Editing ?? On the menu bar. Here you click on search ?? ??, or, if you want to replace something ?? ?? replaced. Here you type the word you want to search. To replace you type in the upper box the word you want to replace, and at the bottom the word that you want to replace it.
Another way is to get on the same screen and pressing for search and replace, and for.

Page numbers

To add page numbers in your document, go to insert in the menu bar ?? ?? and then press ?? ?? page numbers. Now you can set or to any place on the page numbers, and whether you want the first page, also numbered.

Word count

For various reasons it may be useful or just plain fun, is to know how many words you have written on. This can easily through the menu bar ?? extra ?? button. Then go to ?? ?? word count. You will now see a pop-up with this ?? s page count, word count, character count, number of paragraphs ?? s and some rules.

Spelling and Grammar

The spelling and grammar check is one of the features of Word that is most appreciated. When this function, all misspellings automatically get a red circle elst strip down flat, and grammar errors green. Right click on the underlined word Word provides suggestions on possible improvements. Here you can also add a word to the dictionary. The entire document spellchecker can retrace to ?? extra ?? to go on ?? spelling and grammar checking ???? clicking. The same effect you get by pressing F7.

Setting the language

Sometimes you want to type text in a language other than Dutch. If you are just going to type in that language, the language moves to the language in which you type in. You can also set from the beginning, then you go to ?? extra ?? On the menu bar, then to language ?? ?? and then you choose ?? ?? language settings. A final possibility is to set the Spelling and Grammar check the language. Do you do this in the box ?? language glossary ??.

Undo / Repeat

If you make a mistake while typing, you can remove this course again. But what if you delete something you did not want to delete? Should you then type it again? Luckily not. You can make a mistake easily undone by Edit in the menu bar ?? ?? to go, and then undo ?? ?? clicking. The same effect you get by and simultaneously. You can also repeat an action. Then press the menu ?? repeat ?? if you type in the keys. This is useful if for example, you did not have anything undone to make.

About tables

Nothing is as clear as a table to put in the data. To insert a table, go to the table ?? ?? On the menu bar. You get your insert mouse over ?? ?? and click Table. Now you can specify how many kollommen and rows you want. You can also specify the width of the kollommen, or you can customize ?? content ?? tick. If you do this, the Kollom is exactly as large as necessary to convert all text inside it. Also you ?? AutoFormats ???? click and choose from various styles for your table.
You can also insert a table by clicking on the toolbar icon for a table.
To enter the table to the next cell of the table, you have the mouse button press. You can also do this with the keyboard arrow keys or the key to move to the next cell.