Miracle berry. The wonderful berry

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How special is it, when you eat a berry and anything acidic, suddenly taste sweet? Admit it, that's very special. A myth? No, it's true. There is a berry which causes a sweet lemon goes flavors. He is not very well known, but very special. And because it is so special, he does ?? wonderbes ?? mentioned.


In the years between 1704 and 1727 traveled a French cartographer and navigator Reynaud Des Marchais, along the west coast of Africa. On one of his trips he saw people eating these berries. Especially just before meals. In 1970 there was an attempt to introduce the berries in the rest of the world and commercialize, but that was sabotaged by the sugar industry in order to avoid a loss to the sugar industry. Nat k this is denied by the FDA in all keys. The same happened later with Stevia. Also Stevia is a natural sweetener that's long been held back as a sugar substitute ?? ?? no calories, but now approved in Europe under the name ?? dietary supplement ?? instead of a sweetener.
In America, Japan and England the wonderbes very popular and now it is also available in the Netherlands. The berry is only available in tablet form. And the reason for this lies in the fact that fresh berries only 2 to 3 days remain tenable. Once the berries originally come from Ghana had spilled over to Japan, there was a Japanese professor who has managed to freeze-dry the berries and to use the tablet form. In each tablet incorporates three dried berries and may continue for one year long lasting.

How does it work?

The reason that everything goes tastes different when you ate this berry or a tablet it is because the flesh contains a special protein, which bind to the taste buds of your tongue. This protein is called Miraculine. Hence also the appropriate name. It ensures that everything goes tastes different. Everything tastes sour and bitter gets a sweet taste. This effect may take 30 minutes to 2 hours to continue.

Who is bathed in?

In America, the tablets are also used by patients undergoing chemotherapy. The disadvantage of chemotherapy is that the taste buds are affected. With the tablets of the Miracle Berry, it is possible to enhance the flavor in patients again.
Naturally, it is also again a very popular way to apply it to people who wish to lose weight. Especially when you have a sweet tooth. Even products such as lemon or grapefruit into a delicious sweet sensation and yes, who would not want that? In addition, the berries are low in calories, packed with vitamin C and K, and are 100% natural. Also, people who suffer from diabetes are bathed with the miracle berries.

Where to buy?

The berries / tablets are not available in a store here, but can be ordered via the Internet. Even 'googling' so.