Molar pregnancy

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This article is about a molar pregnancy. Most people have never heard here, inlcuding myself. Until it happened to me. I found out that few people are aware of a molar pregnancy. Hence this article.

What is a molar pregnancy

A molar pregnancy is a particular form of a poorly constructed pregnancy.
At fertilization of an egg by a sperm, the fertilized cell divides. Make two cells then divide themselves again. This process continues, so that there is the access to more and more new cells. With a normals pregnancy occurs in these cells an embryo. Also, there arises a placenta. In a molar pregnancy is at fertilization, or conception after something went wrong. This creates no embryo, but a placenta. The placenta grows just like a normal zwamgerschap. But instead of an embryo coming all vesicles in the Placente, mola-vesicles.

Causes molar pregnancy

It is not known what causes a molar pregnancy. It can happen to anyone. It is possible that there efelijke factors are in play. Also with age counts. Women younger than 15 and older than 40 years have an increased risk. Usually, there is no cause can be found. Studies have shown that 1 in 2,000 pregnancies is a molar pregnancy.

How a molar pregnancy is detected

A molar pregnancy is detected by an ultrasound. This can only be around twelve weeks. Often an ultrasound done before. A molar pregnancy is often accompanied by loss of blood. This then looks like an early miscarriage. Internal echo is created. This echo is to see no life, no embryo. But they can see all mola vesicles.

What are the complaints

There need not be unusual symptoms. It is true that the Placente often grows faster than with a normal pregnancy. When the complaints were excessive nauseous, very sluggish and meat I really could not smell or eat. This lasted for 6 weeks. It may be that there are no unusual symptoms, and that they are only at the first ultrasound finds out that there is not a normal pregnancy.

Research and treatment

Is there found that there is a molar pregnancy you will be referred to a gynecologist. This will make the treatment further. In the hospital, an ultrasound is performed again in order to ensure that there is no embryo is present. Are they sure that it is a molar pregnancy, then you curettage. The mola vesicles have in your body. The mola vesicles are definitely not harmless. If there are bubbles remain in the body, this can be ultimately cancer. With a D & C can not remove all the blisters. The rest have to clean up your body itself. To check whether the mola vesicles actually disappear from the body, you must remain under control with the gynecologist. There will be regular blood is taken to reduce the amount hcg what is in your blood, check.
In my case I had to decrease blood every week. If the value of the hcg drops neatly, then that is a sign that the mola vesicles slowly disappear from your body. Takes the value of the hcg not print, or it is higher, there is a good chance that you will receive chemotherapy. There will first investigate what happen. It considers whether the mola vesicles via the bloodstream have ended up in other organs. A scan is made of your head, your abdomen and there are some pictures of the lungs. In my case, everything was good, but I had already set my appointments for three cycles of chemotherapy in one week. I was lucky that the week before my treatment would begin, the hcg value was very much reduced. The course was canceled. Without chemotherapy, you are doing a small year until all blisters have in your body. Should you do chemotherapy, you may after chemotherapy has ended, a long time may be pregnant. The chance of a molar pregnancy is as big as everyone else's. There is no increased risk.