Mood swings

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Quite a few people think mood swings first to the menopausal woman which can be happy just grumpy or a light feeling depressed about getting it. But the mood changes come many more people to and from different origins. If you stagnate quality of life, it is good to do something about it.


Rumbling of the hormones
?? The rumble of the hormones ?? leads ?? at least according to most researchers - rapid mood swings and is not limited to the transition in women. Consider also a look at the monthly menstruation, the amount of hormones can greatly deviate. Estrogen begins to worry it ?? ?? in stimulating the body. The mood swings usually stabbing its head as the estrogen decreases. Progesterone causes the body gets ready for pregnancy.
The fact that people have relatively large mood swings, may also have to deal with moderate thyroid gland and sometimes the adrenal glands that are not functioning optimally. Altogether there are more and more doctors who doubt whether the hormone fluctuations lead to big mood swings, and the assumption that the processing of hormones and not the production of hormones.
The SAD is also known as ?? s and has the basic lack of sunlight. Of sunlight we are happy, but a deficiency can lead to depression. Given the fact that we are not eminently life in a sunny country in the Netherlands, the probability of a winter depression is thus also larger. More than 10% of people have a greater or lesser extent suffer from winter depression and a severe autumn already can do its appearance.
It is important for several reasons so good to get enough light. A brisk walk is often enough to get enough natural light and is also good for daily exercise. Another solution is light therapy, this can be discussed with the doctor.
People who are very sensitive or sensitive officially called Highly Sensitive Person. Due to the increased intensity that enters everything, the more likely mood swings occur. It may even go so far that people become depressed. In conversation come up with the doctor what to do is certainly advisable.

Hear it there or you can do something about it?

People have emotions and thus change people's mood. Nevertheless, if the mood changes ensure that you can no longer function normally, this should be taken seriously. An interview with a psychologist can sometimes bring some clarification in the process.
View from a distance
Tricky thing is that you do not always have it in mind and you just need your environment to give your insight here. If you can look from a distance and you see the strong mood swings, then it is good to get in on this conversation with the person or him / her to be alert in any case. Obviously something is relevant only if you see the person in question regularly and thus can take the right where rapid changes.
What to do yourself?
  • What you can do yourself is, among other things go out previously mentioned gain and sunlight. Sunlight makes people happier and lighter and is also good for the body. Exercise is good anyway to mood swings. It stimulates circulation and there is a sort of cheerful ?? ?? hormone free.
  • Take time for yourself, it is not the walk than any other time that you arranges purely for yourself and can range from a quiet moment on the water until a moment of meditation or yoga a good lesson. Your nervous system settles down and your body gives you a positive feeling. Please note ?? times in a quiet moment you should not do. The brains also need to or just relax!
  • Eat healthy, because healthy foods without all those chemicals are good for body and mind. Enough fiber from fruits and vegetables maintain the intestine optimally and make you happy ?? ?? hormone remains sufficiently present in your body.


The recognition and acknowledgment is an important step, often there is something going on. Please do not assume it ?? even if it's the hormones. Take nothing for granted and think to yourself what is a pleasant way of life. Always check with the doctor, even when you're waiting for medication from the doctor. The overall picture is important in order to achieve a pleasant way of life without extreme mood swings. Do not sell yourself short!