More double-income mortgage in 2015?

Miscellaneous Byakushi August 8, 2016 0 2
Dual earner note, with two incomes is more mortgage possible. The new terms of the National Mortgage and conditions for granting credit for two-income households with two incomes higher mortgages for home ownership permitted, as well as your partner's income for a part counts in the key income. The new rules are part of the Code of Conduct for Mortgage Financing, which banks and insurers take into account. Dual earner will have a higher mortgage with NHG, but it is also true that the maximum norm for a mortgage in 2014 was reduced to 104% of the value in 2015 and to 103%. This was in 2012 still 106%.

The national mortgage also provides a cheaper mortgage

The National Mortgage is for many families and especially start-ups an important backstop to exit cheaper mortgages for private homes. Banks and insurers see a mortgage with NHG as a reduced risk and can therefore charge a lower mortgage. So it is possible to conclude a cheaper mortgage with National Mortgage Guarantee. It also helps if you bring some of my own money.

New conditions for NHG two incomes

New in the conditions of the national mortgage is that dual earners the second income for a third count towards the calculation of what may be a maximum borrowed. Anders also said the dual earner gets from a 2012 high residential ratio, which means that a larger proportion of the gross income must be spent on mortgage payments. Thereby directly grow the maximum borrowing capacity. A bit depending on the mortgage lending capacity may increase by 30 000 euro.

Dual-earner and single earner treated equally

That earners and a single earner since 2012 more will be treated equally is a major breakthrough mainly by pressure from National Landlords Association has been established. Wrongly dual earner as high risk were seen by banks and insurers. Since the curve reasoning to base that two incomes was also more likely meant the loss of an income, while someone could say as well that if there is lost income on two incomes fortunately still an income as backup needs.

Higher maximum mortgage to double income

Thus, since January 1, 2012, take the income of the highest-earning partner plus the second income for a third of the income from which can be borrowed. That's not twice the income of a single earner, but a big step forward.

Lower transfer tax in 2014 and 2015

An additional advantage is that the transfer tax is permanently reduced to 2%. This adds nicely to the additional interest discount you can get with the NHG. In addition, not only the bank runs less risk with the national mortgage, but also the two-earner himself. If One a residual debt would occur without your fault, the NHG, the remaining debt on his behalf. A real win-win situation: more for less money.