More likely to be a better rental property: Residential Acceleration!

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Do you rent social housing that is too small? Do not you qualify for a larger house in a nice neighborhood? Then take part in the gear housing and make great chance at the rental house you dream of! Few people are aware of a special offer form available at Woningnet: Residential Acceleration. In the residential housing associations gear raffle homes among those who did not react. It counts the normal criteria such as length of residence and urgency not easy.

Background Residential Acceleration

The system that houses various criteria are assigned jammed. Tenants remain for too long in an unsuitable family house because they make too little chance for a better rental. For this reason, started an experiment in 2007 in which the criteria no longer play a role. Tenants will thus have available homes where they previously were not eligible. This makes them more likely to accept the house. According to the housing associations the experiment is successful, and it is renewed every year. Make sure to check first whether the Woningnet Living Acceleration is still running.

How does the Residential Acceleration?

Living Acceleration works like this: You are in the housing supply on Woningnet for homes that offer the kind ?? residential Acceleration ?? have. This lets you select in your search. You can then respond to three houses in this offer. Are the registered participants selected by lot 15 candidates. The first candidate is selected to # 1, the second 2, etc. These have candidates with fresh urgency or city renewal no precedence. The 15 candidates are invited to visit the property, and the further procedure is the same as in the normal range. This will be checked if you meet any income requirements.
You can in addition to the three homes in the Residential Acceleration also continue to respond to three homes in the normal range. In total you can respond so up to six homes every two weeks. The homes in the Residential Acceleration you generally have a much greater chance than in homes in the normal range.
In accepting a property through Living Acceleration, you can use the option Temporarily Conservation length of residence, hereby retain your accumulated length of residence for up to five years.
Attention: Only transfer students may participate in the Living Acceleration! A water heater is an independent living in a house which the Netherlands is quite behind. Let your no independent house behind, you're starter and you can not respond to the offer of housing in the Housing Acceleration.

Insider tip for an even greater opportunity in the Housing Acceleration

Be the one with whom you live or cohabit also for Woningnet, you can respond to six homes in the Housing Acceleration! Your roommate must have the state water heater.