More teeth White: 7 Methods That Work

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There are a number of products on the market that guarantee to whiten your teeth, but which one is best for you? Read about options for teeth bleaching and, with the help of your dentist, choose the most suitable for your needs.

1. Products from pharmacy

Why should you pay for a whitening system, you may be wondering, when there is an almost infinite range of toothpaste, toothbrushes and mouthwashes that guarantee to provide? Many of these products contain a whitening ingredient and give some effect, but mainly act as abrasives, then only surface stains.

2. whitening strips

There are about a dozen years, but the materials and adhesives have been modified to have better contact with the teeth. This means more bleaching. "We have revolutionized the technology to have a minimal impact on the activities of the day of the person," said Dr. Veronica Sanchez, hygienist and responsible science communication worldwide for Procter & Gamble. This improvement is to allow to speak more clearly and drink a few sips of water while wearing stripes.

On the positive side: the strips are available at different levels.

Warning: Depending on the variant, may require a commitment of time ranging from five minutes to an hour or two a day for a week or more. They can cause irritation if they come into contact with the gums: if you experience sensitivity, you may be forced to abandon the treatment.

3. Masks with gel

Some are pre-filled and in other adds the gel. They are made of a flexible material and can be modeled on your teeth.

On the positive side: the kits are a less expensive alternative to the systems of the dentist.

The warning: as the strips, require a commitment of time, which can be half an hour a day or during the night for one or two weeks. If they cause too much tooth sensitivity to endure, we must stop the treatment. Activities such as eating and drinking are limited.

4. Bleaching apply

It is of special paints, available in tubes, vials or pens. It applies the gel directly to your teeth with an applicator and remains there until it melts.

On the positive side: they are cheap and portable, and you can treat one tooth at a time.

The caveat: the results may not be comparable to those of strips and masks.

5. Treatment of dentist

A dentist or dental hygienist applies the whitening gel to the teeth with a content of hydrogen peroxide much higher than what is used in the products on the market. Some use the UV or, more recently, the LED light to accelerate the action of the gel: this is also called "laser bleaching", although there is no evidence that this will actually guaranteed to make your teeth whiter, according to the American Dental Association.

On the positive side: a treatment lasts at most one or two hours.

Warning: it is expensive and requires a visit to the dentist.

6. customized templates

A dentist uses the set of teeth to make a gypsum model, which in turn is used to prepare a template that wraps your teeth without covering the gingival tissue. The specialist delivery to the patient or syringes of whitening gel packs to take home to fill them and, typically, are products applied overnight.

The bright side: you can whiten your teeth at home. Customized templates also mean optimum contact with the teeth and are less bulky kits pharmacy.

The warning: as in the other case they need time to work and you can not eat or drink while wearing. The cost varies from 250 to € 500 for the cast, the production of the mask and gel products to apply.

7. Technological Devices for domestic use

For use in combination with a whitening gel, new products have been introduced into the market already last year and, among these, the ionization which releases oxygen molecules faster, compared to light. "Technology-based ion pushes the molecule of free oxygen in the enamel of the teeth," says Rose Mastnak, marketing director of Syneron Inc., a designer of the goods "Tanda System" sold in the USA.

On the positive side: the time commitment is short. You are less likely to experience sensitivity, thanks to a lower concentration of peroxide in the gel that comes with the kit. The devices are reusable.

Warning: may be expensive and the technology is still new.