Mortgage ?? mortgage securities

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Mortgages are often concluded to finance a home. By mortgage exit, make an appointment with a bank or mortgage lender. This is partly because the owner of your home until you have paid them. Mortgages come in many different ways and for quite different once. The effect is of a mortgage.


To go deeper into the mortgage securities, first a few things clear about the investment mortgage. This type of mortgage because you invest money in a particular shareholding. As a result, you receive money, but that money is used to pay off your mortgage. It may therefore be very fast, but can also prevent you from going. Because investing is a skill it is done through a separate fund in the investment mortgage. One expert put the money in and keeps the prices in the holes. But when you have some knowledge of business, you might want to also invest. This can effect a mortgage.

Effect Mortgage

Through the effect mortgage you build a power by means of a securities portfolio. So you have earned a certain amount at the end of the term. You solve your mortgage at maturity with the proceeds from the sale of your securities portfolio.


To pay for the portfolio, you usually must periodically make a deposit. That way you can invest money again, aiming it to get profit. In some cases you can also make a single deposit.

Mortgage rates

In addition to the deposit you pay a mortgage. Also, it is generally agreed in advance with the bank, as is the case with other mortgages. The interest you pay each month. A big difference between the investment mortgage and securities mortgage is that you invest in the latter itself. So here you have more in your own hands.


A major advantage of the effect of mortgage is that you redeems nothing during the term, so you also have a maximum tax benefit. Also, you determine with effect mortgage itself what effects you invest. This is not done by the expert. This gives you also have more in hand. With this type of mortgage insurance are not charged. This usually happens to be an investment mortgage. In addition ?? When it goes well with your effects ?? there is a long way to keep on capital. Because what you do not need to repay, you may stabbing into his own pocket.


Investing always take risks with it ?? s. Beforehand never tell if something is good or not good will unpack. You also run the risk of not enough capital to build, so you are left with a residual debt.


The mortgage securities can be closed at many banks. Check with your bank for more information or go with an expert in conversation. This will assist you in choosing the right mortgage.