Mortgage sales with relay control

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Did you know that it is possible to sell your mortgage with the relay scheme? Probably not, because even mortgage advisers are not always familiar with the pass-through arrangement, which sometimes quite lucrative could unpack. The relay control makes it possible to sell your mortgage to your house. In addition, it increases the risk of a quick sale.

Mortgage sales with relay control

If you are struggling to sell your home, which is not unusual given the situation on the housing market at the moment, it can work in your favor to provide you low mortgage rates as extra in your home. In other words sell the mortgage using the relay scheme. You can then sell your property faster.

Give control by mortgage

What is the pass-scheme? Selling the terms of your mortgage, the relay control ?? ?? mentioned. However, it may involve the interest rate or the afsluitkosten.Dat is only an interesting option for a long-term, fixed and low mortgage rates. Selling your mortgage also works out well when you move into an apartment or have accumulated sufficient assets to finance your new home with savings. But in all other cases, you as a seller to be crazy or desperate to do your favorable mortgage to the buyer of your home gift. Moreover, it is not always possible to sell your mortgage ?? ?? the pass-through arrangement.

Pass-through control: terms and conditions

You will need to consult the terms and conditions of your mortgage to find out whether you are eligible for the pass-through arrangement. Some banks have the pass-regulation of their terms and conditions achieved in recent years.

Yet higher mortgage

If the mortgage falls into a higher risk category, it is possible that the low mortgage rate is higher still for the new buyer. But the interest rate may be lower, so the buyer even more benefits from the relay control. That is possible because there is no arrangement fee is paid.

Mortgage take when moving

If you have a favorable mortgage rates and those who wish to preserve when taking out a new mortgage, it is possible to take the mortgage. When selling a home, the mortgage which it rests have to be fully repaid, but the conditions, such as low interest rates and the fixed rate period, you can still take. Let yourself be always well informed. It may be that there are now modern mortgage on the market that are customized to your individual situation and wishes. You can read more about in the article Mortgage removed if you move.