Mosquitoes Bulten and itching

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Nothing more annoying than when a lovely terrace evening indulgence to be irritated by itchy arms, legs, ankles or where mosquitoes but have also left their mark. Although we usually know better, ?? Do not scratch, the itch is worse! ??, We do it. Fortunately, there are various remedies to relieve the suffering and preventable, pure nature to scientifically substantiated.

"Grandma knows what to do '

Under this motto, there are several traditional healing and soothing agents that are touted to combat itchy mosquito bites or other insect bites. One time straight from nature, other times from the medicine cabinet.
Lubricating a bruised plantain bald does soothe the itchy mosquito bite.
  • To make acute itching to stop, just press a cross with nails in the mosquito bite. Watch out for bumps on sensitive or thin skin and veins.
  • Some remedies are recommended to rub over the hump to alleviate the itching. These remedies include;
    • a bruised plantain leaf, this plant often grows near stinging nettles and helps with the itching of this plant;
    • salt, mix with water and rub or pat the granules;
    • aspirin, slightly moisten and rub over the hump;
    • vinegar, iodine and ammonia, with a cotton ball or swab on the hump rest or patting;
    • toothpaste; working through the menthol rub on the spot and let sit;
    • butter, rubbing the bump and itching disappears;
    • Dampo; to lubricate the mosquito bite
    • An ice cube or cooling device can cool the mosquito bite and alleviate the itching temporarily.
    • Tea Tree Oil is often seen as a panacea for many ailments, as also against itchy mosquito bites. Touch on the bump with a cotton ball with Tea Tree Oil blights the hump. Watch out for a response to the Tea Tree Oil for intensive use.


    What is less natural, but perhaps no less effective are the means that science offers us to alleviate the itching of mosquito bites. At the drugstore are the following options on the shelves:
    • Methol gel, cream or powder. For sale at the drugstore. The menthol is itching temporarily soothes and cools the skin.
    • Sprays, sticks and ointments. Various brands offer remedies that do alleviate the itch of a mosquito bite. Often these agents have a natural base.
    • A very special stick ?? ?? Bite Away heated the mosquito bite for a few seconds and thereby stops the insect venom. This device is a relatively new but more expensive solution.

    Prevention is better than cure

    Thought by many a victim of a stinging insect. By following preventive measures can provide potential for less jitters.
    • When you eat a lot of garlic, the mosquitoes avoid the odor that comes from the human pores.
    • Eating brewer's yeast tablets does repel mosquitoes.
    • Wristbands: these silicone straps deliver a citronella scent for 48 hours where mosquitoes do not like. After 48 hours, the straps have to be replaced.
    • By eating Marmite is a very unpleasant smell for mosquitoes are secreted by human skin.
    • Mosquito nets on windows and doors to keep mosquitoes at bay. Requires some discipline to keep it consistently closed, but the problem is therefore almost completely dissolved.
    • Mosquitoes do not like lemon, so a lemon plant in the area may well help. You can also rub yourself with lemon or citronella.
    • Long sleeves, long pants and socks appearance reduce the chances of mosquito.
    • Mosquitoes keep citronella alongside either of lavender. So keep some lavender in a bag next to your bed or lit a stick of incense that smells like lavender.