Most dangerous sports

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Exercise is exercise. It trains the muscles, keep in shape and creates an overall mental and physical health. However, types can also be dangerous. Some sports give more chance of injury. There are extremely dangerous sports that involve more fatalities.

Sports: healthy or dangerous?

Exercise is healthy. Exercise is good for the body, it trains the muscles, keeps in shape and gives a relaxed feeling. Regular exercise, the body gets enough exercise to stay healthy. but sports can also be dangerous. Some sports give more chance for injuries, such as football. Other sports are downright dangerous to call.
Who wants to exercise healthy and safe, choose a sport with little risk of injury and take the necessary precautions observed. This includes: the wearing of protective clothing or headgear and following safety rules.

The most deadly sports

The most dangerous sport which originated the most fatal accidents, is horseracing. This applies to both the jockeys sitting on a racehorse, as the sulky riders.
Skydiving is a sport that is in second place as the most deadly sport. Also, hang gliding is an air sport dangerous. Diving with underwater equipment is also a dangerous sport.
Although thought to prevent most fatalities in motor sport, this sport is still only fifth place as the most deadly sport. Also boxing brings yearly fatalities.
Twelve Dutch athletes die each year as a result of an accident during the sport. This is a non-natural death.

Most injuries

Football is a sport where most injuries incurred. Gymnastics is a popular second sport injuries which often brings with it. Then follows riding and hockey. Also running are becoming more injuries for. Every year 160 000 athletes are treated in the emergency room. In total there to 1.5 million sports injuries each year: most people do not go to a doctor.
Contact sports give more chance of injury than sports in which they have less contact with others. Especially sports field give the best chance of injury. Field sports are sports that are practiced on a field with mostly two teams: football, hockey, netball, basketball.
The sport with the least number of injuries is swimming. In this branch of the sport depends as well: diving off a high shelf more prone to injuries than competitive swimming.

Sports Dead

The term dead sport is becoming more heard in recent years. This is a sudden cardiac arrest during exercise. Often the athlete prior to the cardiac arrest had been some complaints such as sweating, chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, palpitations and / or fatigue. These complaints come for a few days to several weeks for the eventual cardiac arrest.
In a sport dead move a blood clot in the body by moving up and closes off, for example, a coronary artery, resulting in a cardiac arrest. Die annually in the Netherlands 200 to 400 people during the sport by cardiac arrest.

Head Injuries

Every year 65 000 Dutch athletes run a head injury. When it comes to head injuries, this is the most room for football players. Then follows hockey, swimming and horseback riding. These figures are particularly significant, because in the fatal accidents on horse number 1 and swimming gives the least risk of injury.
1300 annual athletes walk a concussion. Other brain injury is borne by 700 athletes per year.

Hospital admissions

Each year about 12,000 athletes hospitalized after a sports accident. Most athletes concerned footballers, then physical education, followed by horse riders. Sports like basketball, basketball, handball, squash and rugby gives relatively few hospitalizations after an accident.

Wearing protective clothing during sport

Many sports have developed garments that protect the athlete against falls, blows or punches. Riding this is the cap, boots and body protector. For motorcyclists, this is the helmet, motorrijpak, boots and gloves. Bikers wear helmets. Football players wear shin guards. Skaters wear a helmet, knee, wrist and elbow pads. Each encourages has its own protective clothing and helmet / cap / hat. It is important to use it for the sport that one carries out. A bicycle helmet is tested forces exerted during a fall from a bicycle, and is therefore not suitable to absorb a blow from a horse's hoof. A motorrijhelm does provide more protection while riding, but does not offer sufficient freedom of movement while riding and would therefore just an accident work in hand.
Go for the purchase of protective clothing is always out of the label. Without label safety can not be guaranteed. Wearing protective clothing during sport inconclusive injuries, but can significantly reduce them.
A good warm-up for the sport also reduces the chance of injury. Who with cold muscles before exercise, can have more cracks in the muscles. During contact sports, it is important to carry no protruding objects with them or to have. Jewellery is therefore not recommended in most cases.
Always check protective clothing after an accident. Especially helmets / caps are often less reliable after a fall. A crack in a cap or helmet is not always notice outside. A cap or helmet that has a dent or crack on the outside, is certainly no longer safe. A creaking helmet or cap may be a sign of damage. Protective clothing that has become torn or is no more firm to the touch, should also be replaced.