Most used search terms on Google in 2013

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Each year, the Google search engine is the most common terms that people have looked familiar. A distinction is made between various categories, including searches, images, athletes and airlines. Here is an overview of the most used Google search terms for the year 2013.

Google Zeitgeist 2013

Every year, Google publishes the lists of the most common search terms, both for the world and the country. In 2012 was searched for 1.2 trillion keywords in 146 countries. The exact number of 2013 is not yet known at the appearance of this article, but this is expected to be even more.

Classification of the lists

Google shares the most used keywords in different ways. Trends and searched in most; terms that in absolute terms the most used in 2013. By category, for example, searches, people, pictures, TV programs and supermarkets, a top 10 most used search terms will then be drawn biggest increases compared to the previous year.

Search Terms: Netherlands

In 2013, a year in which took place the change of rule and Prince Friso died, there is obviously much googled by the Royal family. Terms used Koningslied and Queen did well in 2013 compared to 2012. Other rapid gainers were Paul Walker, Outlook and GTA 5. In the top 10 absolute popular search terms little has changed compared to 2012. Interestingly, this list consists solely of websites. The top four remained unchanged Facebook Marketplace, Youtube and Hotmail remained.
Most popular searches for 2013
Fastest Rising in 2013
How to ask 2013
Most requested images
In the top 10 most wanted Trends in images is Zwarte Piet in 2013 with dot 1. Interestingly, the image search of a tick, which closes the top 10 in 2013. Apparently wanted in that year many people now even really know what a tick looks.