Move what you eat

Health SpookyAlfred August 8, 2016 0 1
Diet, lose weight and exercise: People are getting fatter. This is due to a surplus of energy in the body. But what we are conscious of this excess energy? By moving what we eat.

Energy in the body

The body acts as a kind of factory. It allows all kinds of machines to work to ensure that something is produced. In this case, these machines are our bodies. And bodies shall ensure that we remain alive and everything remains in the body function properly.
To keep working the organs they like any machine, fuel. This fuel gets the body from the food we daily get inside. The energy generated by power supply, is thus needed in order to make everything work in the body. But also to be able to walk, work and sports.

Too much fat

Sometimes the person eats more than he burned for energy. The body uses excess energy not because the body does not need this. The excess energy is not dissipated by the body, but stored in the form of fat. This is a good survival mechanism of the body. In times of emergency food because the body can be transferred to the reserves.
But when the body again and again gets into too much energy, nothing will happen other than that all that energy but also saved. The storage place should be extended and the body increases in size. In other words: you fat.

To burn fat

For all of it to get rid of excess fat, it is important to go that reserve energy use. The fat storage must therefore be addressed. It is important though that there is absolutely no more energy is coming inside than it is being used. Who all day would lie still in a hot environment, consume 1300 to 1600 calories per day. This is dependent on body weight and other factors and will have to be able to count out for themselves. This is called the basic need. Who other than the basic consumes, can assume that he is going to break down in the long run muscles and organs. Not doing so.
Who normally moves burnt 2000 calories per day forthe women and 2500 kcal for men. Move more or less, this consumption is also more or less.

Move what you eat

Burned all the excess fat and lose weight! Work out what you put in your mouth. Do you eat a cookie? That's good for a quarter bikes securely. Do this whatsoever. A sausage roll gives you a half-hour jog on. Do. Only by consciously burn calories, you become too conscious of what you eat. And make sure you always this slightly more calories burned in a day than you've eaten. It takes into account the basic need.